‘Boom Beach’ Next Event Could Possibly See the Return of Dr. T and Mega Crab!

On January 18, Dr. T teased gamers again by tweeting that their attempts to defeat him have been pathetic as the word pathetic.

Subsequently, he posted that he knows that gamers are having difficulty beating him and that he sympathizes with them. He announced that he has added a new page to the Dr. T Helpful Tips Website, which is Supercell doing the usual walk-through for gamers yet again.

Dr. T is actually part of a Boss Event update that came to “Boom Beach.” Prior to the arrival of the new villain, gamers may have noticed a black shadow map. When they click on the black shadow, it provided information about time, which is actually the countdown of the update time, notes GoPlay.

The update turned out to be the Mega Crab featuring Dr. T, which some gaming critics as to be the last crustacean update to “Boom Beach.”

As a matter of fact, the black shadow on the map looks very much like the appearance of a crab. But as usual, after the update, gamers expect to get more guide videos and strategies from the developer which is what Supercell has been doing over the last couple of days since the release of the Mega Crab update.

The success of the Mega Crab event has given Supercell the impetus to do a repeat of the event not on a monthly basis but on a bimonthly schedule. The first Mega Crab event happened in January this year so the next iteration would be in March, skipping this month in the process.

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