‘Person of Interest’ Season 5 May Not Be the Show’s Last if Fan Petition Can Convince Netflix to Pick Up the Series for Season 6!

The American science-fiction crime drama TV series “Person of Interest” on CBS is getting a special lift from fans months before its Season 5 premieres on the small screen.

It has been widely reported that although CBS has greenlit the Season 5 of “Person of Interest” late last year, it is likely to be the show’s last.

The writings on the wall seem to indicate that the show will have its final run on its Season 5. Aside from the push back in its premiere date by nearly a year, the number of episodes has been reduced from 22 to 13.

While CBS president Glenn Geller did not say anything about the official cancellation of “Person of Interest” after its Season 5, he did say during the TCA winter press tour that the fifth season of the TV series could function as both a season and series finale.

A terrific season

Geller also confirmed that series director Jonathan Nolan and creator Greg Plageman have planned a terrific season for “Person of Interest” with big surprises and that fans and viewers of the show would be very much satisfied.

The CBS boss also said that the network has ordered 13 episodes for Season 5 and they hope to get them on the air in the coming spring.

Despite the looming end of the TV series, co-creator and director Jonathan Nolan is still very thankful for CBS for giving him and the producers the opportunity to do Season 5 of “Person of Interest.”

He said that it is also good for the fans because they will have the opportunity to see every plotline of “Person of Interest” coming to a wrap rather than leaving them with many unanswered questions.

Online petition gaining steam

Indicative however of the huge fan base of “Person of Interest,” the online petition seeking to extend the TV series that was started late last year has already gained steam at Change.org ahead of the show’s Season 5 premiere.

Apparently, the petition has already received over 20,500 signatures and is just 4,500 short for it to become 25,000. The petition is now being sent to several networks but fans are directing it mainly to Netflix, notes Movie News Guide.

According to the petition, it would be worth picking up “Person of Interest” for a possible Season 6 because aside from its huge fan base in America, it also has a huge following in other big global markets like China, Turkey, and several other countries.

Although J.J. Abrams, the Director of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” who is also one of the producers of “Person of Interest,” confirmed that Season 5 could be the show’s last, he recently recanted that he was already open to the idea of seeing the TV series continue in another network, cites the Parent Herald.

After seeing for himself that the online petition has gained more than enough steam, Abrams apparently realized the possibility of a new lease on life of “Person of Interest” for a Season 6. The petition has already been made known to Netflix, Warner Bros, NBC, Fox, The CW, and Hulu in the hopes of seeing the show continue in another network in the future.

Reports are also saying that Netflix is interested in picking up the show for its Season 6 but until a confirmation is made, everything is speculation at this time.

Person of Interest

Meanwhile, same-sex relationship has certainly gained a breakthrough last year with the decision of the US Supreme Court to recognize and allow same-sex marriage. It has no longer become a contentious issue in America but a fact and a way of life that even TV series are now incorporating the idea to their subplots.

“Person of Interest” is no exception as its upcoming Season 5 will highlight the lesbian love between Samantha ‘Sam’ Grooves, whose hacker name is Root, played by Amy Acker, and Sameen Shaw, played by Sarah Shahi.

During the recent ComicCon, Amy Acker confirmed that there will be more Root and Shaw romance in the upcoming fifth season of “Person of Interest” when it finally premieres on CBS this coming spring.


  1. Who ever picks POI up will have a HUGE fan base, which is also good for the sponsors $$. CBS is making a grave mistake and we will be glade to let the current sponsors know. This is coming from a guy who doesn’t watch much TV except when POI is on and I also have all 4 seasons on dvd.

  2. CBS is making such a bad judgement call to end this show – the first show in 20 years to garner support from so many fans – to put in its place, what? Another stupid, pointless reality show or some drama that will be cancelled after 5 episodes?? The only reason I watch CBS is to see this show, so they’re going to lose (another) viewer when POI ends. I’ll follow the show, not the network.

  3. If fans, like myself, enjoy and faithfully watch the show, Person Of Interest, why would CBS end it? There is such support for the show, and it sure beats other less interesting venues, like scripted reality shows and such. It is one of the most interestingly crafted ideas a nd story lines, that takes viewers away from the hum-drum offerings of other networks. Remember when fan uproars brought back Star Trek, Cagney & Lacy etc. Why would the CBS network jeopardize their network’s popularity by cancelling a show that has such a large following and fan base. The cast ensemble worked so harmoniously to keep us viewers so enthralled and interested in the story, that I would absolutely change anything in my schedule that might cause me to miss an episode. If CBS won’t renew it further, and it is picked up elsewhere, that’s where you’ll find me glued to my screen so I don’t miss one second of any future performance.

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