‘Clash of Clans’ to Release March Updates Possibly to Feature a New Dark Elixir Troop!

While some gamers are still looking forward to the minor February updates for the freemium mobile strategy video game “Clash of Clans,” the astute players are already looking forward to the major updates coming next month, which accordingly will come with a new Dark Elixir troop.

Based on the “Clash of Clans” Facebook page, the next big update for the game will arrive before April that shall already feature a new Dark Elixir troop.

However, Finnish game developer Supercell is not yet putting everything in stone. The company nonetheless assured gamers that they will be hearing more about the updates in the next couple of weeks and even in March, reports Gotta Be Mobile.

As gamers already know, if they head into the Dark Barracks, they will notice that there are only a few boxes that have troops to be made. The rest are listed as coming soon.

While nobody still knows what is coming, but a staff of Supercell did confirm that it is going to be a new Dark Elixir troop. The informant said that the new Dark Elixir troop will likely be unlocked at Town Hall level 10.

Meant to balance the gameplay

With the arrival of the Town Hall 11 update in December last year, Town Hall 10 players have been somewhat ignored and the March updates are Supercell’s way of making sure that they are also not left behind.

After the Town Hall 11 update rolled out, Town Hall 10 players no longer have anything new, or nothing that lower Town Hall 9 players cannot have in terms of troops to attack with.

The upcoming March update will focus on adding new features and new troops specifically for Town Hall 10 and help gamers take on other higher level players and sort of balance gameplay against the extremely powerful Town Hall 11 and their third hero.

The Dark Elixir unit is one that was removed from the upcoming Supercell mobile game “Clash Royale.” It is reported that while Supercell liked the feature, they deleted it from their new game and saved the character for “Clash of Clans.”

Gamers have recently found evidence of a new troop called as Ice Mage which is another word for magician. It is similar to wizards but it will be a Dark Elixir troop which could possibly freeze buildings while other troops take them down.

There are also rumors that the Dark Elixir troop will target gold, elixir, and dark elixir, similar to goblins.

But everything is speculation at this time until Supercell finally unveils the update in March or sometime in April if it gets delayed.

February updates

Meanwhile, gamers are still waiting for the next update to “CoC” which is to be called as the Treasury Update and it shall bring with it three new features including the Treasury, the Loot Cart, and the Daily Star Bonus.

There has been no official word from Supercell yet as to when the update will be released but according to Supercell’s community spokesperson, the company has been busy finalizing the update.

The Treasury Update is actually a direct response to the complaints and issues that “CoC” players have with the game since the game developer released the Town Hall 11 update in the middle of December 2015.

Clash of Clans

Players have taken to Supercell forums and “Clash of Clans” subreddit to voice their objections, complaints, and sentiments with the changes that the developer implemented with the Town Hall 11 updates as well as the new level of difficulty to acquire and keep resources in the game.

Apparently, the biggest change that the Treasury Update will bring will be the Treasury itself as it will be a new resource-protected bank that will be located in the Clan Castle. Loot bonuses acquired from Clan Wars and Star Bonuses will be kept in the Treasury.

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