‘Boom Beach’ March Updates Feature Level 22 Headquarters and Armory Level with Gunboat Abilities!

Supercell even asked gamers to share at the game forum their best dives ever using the submarine.

One seemingly active gamer shared that he went down as far as the deepest three and he got at least 13 fragments and five shards from the effort. But all of them were Magma. He expressed that his dive using the submarine were all for depths less than 900 meters but he said he would be looking forward to making a deeper dive and finding more from the numerous dive locations in the game.

Also early last month, the Finnish game developer has released a “Boom Beach” teaser showing Dr. T definitely not plotting his revenge somewhere in the archipelago after he was forced into melon-farming retirement when his Mega Crab was defeated by “Boom Beach” gamers in January.

However, the teaser also showed Dr. T doing his melon-farming with his wicked smile which only means that he is up to something or is currently secretly hatching his revenge plans.

While Supercell has not made any official announcement regarding the event, but considering the overwhelmingly positive response to Mega Crab when it first came out online, the Finnish game developer simply cannot let it pass.

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