‘Sherlock’ Season 4 to See Tom Hiddleston Taking on the Role of the Third Holmes Brother!

British actor Tom Hiddleston has made his mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing the role of Loki, the brother of Thor.

While he has yet to formally appear in the MCU, Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the role of Sherlock Holmes in the British crime drama TV series “Sherlock,” will soon be joining the Marvel’s Avengers as Doctor Strange. In fact, he is now filming for the movie “Doctor Strange,” which will hit theaters next year.

The two actors will eventually have some sort of connection in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the not-too-distant future and it seems that they will first have a connection in the upcoming Season 4 of “Sherlock” when it premieres on PBS early next year.

There are reports going around that Hiddleston will take on the role of the third Holmes brother, which means that he will be a sibling to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and older brother Mycroft, played by Mark Gatiss, who happens to be one of the creators of the TV series.

Hiddleston shall reportedly play Sherrinford, according to both Mark Gatiss and co-creator Steven Moffat, reports News Every Day.

A very busy actor

However, the showrunners expressed apprehension on whether they could get Hiddleston to commit to “Sherlock” since he is such a very busy actor these days. The actor is reportedly doing two movies including “The Night Manager,” and “Kong: Skull Island.” There are even reports saying that he is vying to become the next James Bond with the decision of Daniel Craig to give up the role after “Spectre” shown in November last year.

But as far as Hiddleston is concerned, he would love to take part in “Sherlock” because he loves the TV series, its theme tune, the tropes, and the mythology. He also thinks that to be given a role in the popular TV series is an extraordinary opportunity. He also promised that given the physicality of the job, he would surely not take his role lightly.

Gatiss is also confident that they would be able to make Hiddleston agree and they can surely fit him in their production schedule. With a premiere of January next year, production for the TV series would begin by next month.

It is likely that they are just awaiting Benedict Cumberbatch, who is also filming “Doctor Strange” currently for Marvel Studios.

A possible death of a character

Meanwhile, actor Martin Freeman, who plays the role of Dr. Watson, the sidekick of the Scotland Yard detective Sherlock Holmes, has hinted that his character’s wife in the TV series, Mary Watson, will die in the upcoming Season 4, notes The Bitbag.

He said during an interview that Mary’s death will happen due to childbirth.

There are also rumors going around that Season 4 of “Sherlock” is going to follow the story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sherlock Season 4

It seems that Mark Gatiss also confirmed the recent disclosure of Freeman when he said during a recent radio interview that Season 4 of “Sherlock” will not be having a happy climax. He said, however, that fans should be expecting tragedy as well as adventure for the upcoming season because that is just how it goes in the show.

He added that just because it’s in the stories does not mean that it will happen in the series because there is an awful lot of changes and an awful lot of places to go and things to do with the TV show, short of suggesting that fans should not consider the books or stories about the character as spoilers to the TV series.

“Sherlock” is a contemporary adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was created for TV by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and its first season premiered on July 25, 2010.

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