‘Boom Beach’ March Updates Feature Level 22 Headquarters and Armory Level with Gunboat Abilities!

The March updates to the freemium mobile strategy game “Boom Beach” went live on March 14, a week ahead of the updates to the other popular mobile video game “Clash of Clans” in the stable of Finnish game developer Supercell.

However, unlike the updates on “Clash of Clans,” which seem to be generating a host of problems and complaints, the updates to “Boom Beach” rolled along pretty nicely with hardly a problem or a major issue with gamers.

The “Boom Beach” March updates brought a lot of new stuff improvements and bug fixes to the game but the key highlights are the Level 22 Headquarters and the Armory Level, which now allows for new upgrades to troops.

In addition, the Armory Level also has gunboat abilities, which seems to be delighting gamers to no end, notes Product Reviews.

But there are still other new features that came with the updates including Supply Chests which now contain rewards based on the gamer rank, which can be claimed after he or she gains five victory points, with new points being earned every 24 hours. So the higher the rank of the players, the better rewards would come to them.

There is also the Statue Storage which is where gamers can place their statues but they won’t be able to store them once it is placed.

The improvements that it brought forth

The March updates to “Boom Beach” also brought a lot of improvements including Gearheart now allowing for 5 attacks instead of the previous 3, the Hammerman Attacks will now reward intel, there is now a short delay added after gamer troops have died to be able to use gunboat abilities, headquarters experience requirements re-adjusted, and several more.

The updates likewise came up with fixes particularly in base note errors in Operations, fixes the rare issue when exploding the Scorcher would destroy the headquarters without ending the battle, overlapping of graphics for defenses, event dialogues, and several more.

Some three days before the March updates to “Boom Beach” went live, there have been reports that went around saying that the updates were pushed back due to issues.

However, giving a timeline and not being able to meet the deadline is not Supercell’s cup of tea so it went with the release of the updates as planned and scheduled, notes the International Business Times of India.

Providing side activities

Aside from giving gamers constant updates and occasional strategies to “Boom Beach,” Supercell is also providing side activities for gamers to keep the enthusiasm and excitement to the game going.

The latest side activity to “Boom Beach” as espoused by Supercell is the sharing of fan arts by gamers and subsequently posting it on the Twitter page of “Boom Beach.”

In “Clash of Clans,” Supercell previously asked gamers to capture a screenshot of their respective bases and share it on Twitter so that the other novice and fledgling gamers would know how to get things done right in the game.

The “Boom Beach” fan arts is in no way meant to help gamers develop their new strategies for the game but it did offer them a good idea how entertaining the game could be if they focus their attention on it. After all, it would not be the No. 3 most popular mobile video game in the world if it is not entertaining.

Late in February, Supercell has also enjoined gamers of “Boom Beach” to explore the game and get the most out of it, not only in terms of excitement but rewards as well.

boom beach

Other than fighting the enemies on the beach as gamers plan to overrun island after island, Supercell has recently challenged gamers via the game’s Twitter handle to also explore the depths using the submarine.

Exploring the depths will enable gamers to get precious items beneath including fragments, shards, and diamonds. Of course, if they can get diamonds with their dive, so much the better because they can eventually use it to buy new stuff and weapons or do some upgrade.

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