‘Bones’ Season 11 Midseason Premiere to See Dr. Jack Hodgins Undergoing a Painful Recuperation Period!

She said during the Television Critics Association winter press tour that if the network has come to a decision to end the series this year, they are going to give the showrunners and the producers plenty of time to start writing a meaningful ending to the show, notes the Christian Post.

Walden said that “Bones” has such a loyal viewership and those viewers deserve nothing less but a very satisfying ending so she and the other Fox executives are trying to be very sensitive about that.

Season 11 being the last for “Bones” was also hinted by actor David Boreanaz during an interview last year when he said that it might be the time for the show to rest when asked if the current season is going to be the show’s last.

The actor said that if it was up to him, he will end “Bones” in Season 11. He thinks that it’s time for the show to end because 11 seasons are just great.

Boreanaz said that what they have given to the show in the course of 11 seasons and what they can do, it is just great to see the TV series come to an end and do it the way they want to do it.

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  1. 1 More season I have watched from episode 1 and watch reruns everyday best show on the tube please give us 1 more year.

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