‘The Americans’ Season 4 Will Not Be Affected by the Real-Life Pregnancy of Keri Russell!

Season 4 of the American espionage period drama TV series “The Americans” is set to premiere on FX on March 16 and it promises to bring its captivating storylines that will take viewers to a new round of excitement.

Starring real-life couple Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, who play the roles of KGB spies Elizabeth Jennings and Philip Jennings, respectively, the couple pretends to be an all-American family gathering information for the Soviet Union while raising two kids and living next to an unsuspecting FBI Agent Stan Beeman, played by Noah Emmerich, reports Amazon Adviser.

Interestingly, Keri Russell is now pregnant with her first child with Matthew and there have been speculations that it could affect the production as well as the storylines of Season 4 of “The Americans.”

Both actors assured that Russell’s pregnancy would not affect the storylines of “The Americans” which means that filming for Season 4 of the TV series is already complete or that the couple really planned the pregnancy and the baby to come at a time during their break from the production of “The Americans,” cites Zap2it.

One of the best shows on TV

“The Americans” is highly regarded by critics as one of the best shows on TV these days but unfortunately, it is also one of the least watched series on the small screen.

Some even allude to “The Americans” as the next “Breaking Bad” TV series, pun unintended of course to the latter’s equally excellent spinoff prequel “Better Call Saul,” which is now in its second season on AMC.

Since premiering on 2013, “The Americans” has been really excellent in terms of storylines, cast, acting, and overall production and it is just unfortunate that its rating is not that excellent, which means that the FX network needs to do a better job in promoting the show.

Critics regard “The Americans” as one of the few shows on cable television that are not afraid to push boundaries given its brutal violence and heated sex exchange, but portrayed with the utmost class and character. But it is also a family drama that has one of the more adult offerings airing on the small screen.

Those characteristics of “The Americans” were quite evident in the two new trailers for Season 4 as it showed Philip and Elizabeth Jennings looking very fresh as ever while seducing two new marks.

The second video clip is more about atmosphere, as it focuses on the Cold War tensions where the period drama was set in the first place.

Being parents or admitting as spies

Last season saw Philip and Elizabeth disagreeing about whether or not to tell their daughter the truth. It eventually came down to the question of how to parent Paige or how to fight for their family’s survival.

It was executive producer Joel Fields who made the Season 4 synopsis of sort which he also mentioned during the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, California last month.

Fields  disclosed that the idealistic Philip from the early seasons of “The Americans,” who wanted to adopt the American culture, is gone. The character’s goal has become more narrow and pure because he only wants what is best for his family.

Rhys said that what he sees in Philip is this metronome increasing as he goes while thinking that he needs to do everything as best as he can so that everyone stays alive.

the americans

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is also going through her own struggles as well. Keri Russell disclosed that the upcoming season feels a lot more about the emotional cost of everyone’s choices over the last three years. She added that there is a big opening for her character in a new way, especially with Paige and seeing how it is affecting her.

She explained that between Paige’s fractures and Philip’s fractures, there is a bigger sensitivity to the fragility of her family this season.

What’s quite interesting about “The Americans” is its continuous effort to include several iconic moments from the 80s.

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