‘The Americans’ Season 4 Will Not Be Affected by the Real-Life Pregnancy of Keri Russell!

Among those include David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear, “The Day After” debuts, and US President Ronald Reagan gives his “Star Wars” speech. Reports have it that Season 4 of “The Americans” will deal with bioweapons and the danger of them getting out at the time, hints showrunner Fields.

There have also been reports going around that there are now talks among the show’s producers and showrunner about the possible end date for the series, which fans and viewers took to mean that Season 4 of “The Americans” may be the last for the series.

However, Fields refuse to confirm the speculations by saying that there is an air of uncertainty about when the FX series will conclude.

He said that he does not know the answer to that as of this time. He added that what they know is that the fourth season feels like they are coming toward the second act of a three-act story.

The bigger question is whether “The Americans” would still have enough juice left to make it to Season 5 or perhaps Season 6. But Fields said that in order for the show to really tell the rest of the story, they need to make it to Season 5 at least.

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