Bethesda Pulls Off a Major Surprise; Launches First Official Trailer of ‘Fallout 4’ Ahead of E3 2015

By keeping mum on “Fallout 4” and allowing rumors to swirl, Bethesda actually built up more than enough excitement for the game which has been hinted as early as December 2013 when a supposed casting document was leaked online.

Since then, only rumors and vague teases have come out online with no official statement orĀ confirmation from Bethesda. Among those more pronounced rumors are speculations that the setting of “Fallout 4” would be in Boston. Many of the rumors also proved to be fake as those were just teases from over-eager fans of the video game.

“Fallout 4” is long overdue considering that its predecessor came out on the current generation gaming console and the PC inĀ 2008.

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