Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Will See Cat and Vincent in Danger Again!

There is very little to go until the season starts airing, and the drama might very well start from the first episode. Fans have been curious to see how the characters are going to interact in the beginning of the season, and they are also interested in seeing what kind of surprise the writers have prepared for them in this episode.

Because it wouldn’t be a true season opening if it doesn’t come with some dramatic surprise, especially when it comes to a show like “Beauty and the Beast” which relies on surprises to a large extent to drive its plot forward.

Whatever happens, it could even set the tone for the whole season, or it could at least give us some hints about what we can expect to see. It’s probably a good idea to keep a close eye on the first episode for possible hints about the upcoming developments in the next episodes, especially with regards to Cat’s secret job.

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