Production Team and Cast Knew There Will Be No ‘Hart of Dixie’ Season 5 Even Before The CW Cancelled It

The production team and cast members of the American comedy-drama TV series “Hart of Dixie” already knew that there will be no Season 5 for the show even before it aired its series finale for Season 4 on March 27.

So while fans were still waiting for the fate of the show after Season 4, the people behind the series are already aware that they are not coming back for a fifth season.

As a matter of fact, if fans would care to look back on the final episode of Season 4 of “Hart of Dixie,” they should have noticed that it was crafted as if it was really the series finale for the entire show, where all the questions have been answered and all the other issues resolved. Everything wrapped up pretty nicely for the lovable gang in Bluebell, notes Christian Today.

So when The CW finally cancelled the show last month, the stars were no longer surprised. It was actually the loyal fans of “Hart of Dixie” who got surprised with the cancellation as they have been patronizing the show since it started airing in 2011.

Reports then started going around that the decision of The CW network to cancel the show has something to do with the choice of show lead star Rachel Bilson not to return for the possible fifth season of the series to spend more quality time with her newly-born baby daughter Briar Rose with long-time boyfriend Hayden Christensen. But basically, for The CW network, it’s all about the ratings game.

Hints of cancellation

Series creator Leila Gerstein actually hinted of the end of the road for “Hart of Dixie” when she repeatedly encouraged fans to catch the final episodes of the series.

As early as October last year, some of the stars of the series have also alluded in social media that Season 4 would be the last for “Hart of Dixie.”

Actor Wilson Bethel thanked his character Wade Kinsella on his Twitter account for the four wonderful years that he took on the role. He also thanked his character for knowing him more.

Scott Porter, who played George Tucker in the series, also said his goodbyes via social media when he tweeted that the sun sets on Bluebell.

Gerstein also thanked the series’ amazing and inspiring fans and praised them as the real Bluebell.

The rest of the cast of “Hart of Dixie” also said their goodbyes and also expressed their gratefulness for the fans who have followed the adventures and misadventures of the cast in the small town of Alabama.

Faring reasonably well in the ratings

In a recent interview before the official cancellation of the Season 5 of “Hart of Dixie,” show regular Jamie King disclosed that in the event that The CW network does not renew “Hart of Dixie” for Season 5, it is not because the show was not doing good in terms of ratings because it actually fares reasonably well.

hart of dixie

She said that the likely reason that the show will be discontinued is because lead actress Rachel Bilson has already signified her intention even during the fourth season of the show that she wants to be a full-time mother and spend more time with her baby daughter.

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