‘Avatar 2’ Going Head-to-Head Against a ‘Star Wars’ Movie in the Box Office is Stupid, Says James Cameron!

Cameron also said that theme of humans against nature will continue in the sequel. He said that the primary conflict between the human view of dominating nature, and the Navi view of integrating into nature stays the same but it manifests itself in different ways.

In addition to hints of possible plotlines for “Avatar 2,” what seems confirm is that the movie will come out in December 2018, having been pushed back twice already and all of two years.

Up to early this year, the reports were saying that the movie would be released in December 2017 but it was push back one full year to give way to “Star Wars: Episode 8.”

Another reason for the delay is the logistics regarding the production of the movie. Just looking back into “Avatar,” one would know that it is not easy to have a film look that is quite visually appealing.

Since “Avatar” was shown in 2009, it is expected that the technology and the corresponding logistics needed to do “Avatar 2” would be much more gargantuan.

With more than two years to work on the sequel, Cameron would surely take his sweet time to make sure that he raises the standard of “Avatar 2.”

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