‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Co-Director Confirms that the Game Shall Not Feature the World of Final Fantasy

It has been previously reported that aside from several Disney worlds, the crossover role-playing game shall also feature the world of “Final Fantasy.”

Tetsuya Nomura, director of the ”Kingdom Hearts” franchise recently stated during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 held in California last month that “Kingdom Hearts 3” shall feature more details about the Keyblade Transformations, the exploration of the game, and also a prelude to the game.

The Japanese game director said that Keyblade Transformations are an inspired Command Styles function from “Birth By Sleep,” notes Hall of Fame Magazine.

However, Tai Yasue, co-director of the game, explicitly stated that “Kingdom Hearts 3” shall not feature any world from the “Final Fantasy” franchise. He added that instead, Sora and his friends Donald and Goofy, will explore the popular realms from popular Disney movies and home videos.

Yasue also explained that they want a different gameplay for “Kingdom Hearts 3” and the reports are saying that each world will have their specific challenges and battles in the role-playing game.

Thus far, the specific Disney worlds that have been rumored to be featured in “Kingdom Hearts 3” include “Tangled,” “Hercules,” “Mysterious Tower,” and “Big Hero 6.” However, since game developer Square Enix has yet to make an official statement about this, the information should be taken with a fine grain of salt, points out Game & Guide.

In fact, there are also rumors saying that the worlds of “Zootopia,” “Toy Story,” “Star Wars,” and “Frozen” shall be featured in “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Trials and bosses

As promised by Japanese game developer Square Enix, “Kingdom Hearts 3” shall have its own unique features and shall involve trials and bosses which players need to defeat before they can advance forward in the game.

According to a source privy to Square Enix, the game shall actually have characters from the “Final Fantasy” franchise but not the worlds from the game.

It was also Tai Yasue who said in another interview that the developer is now looking at making original realms to add to the Disney worlds that they shall be incorporating in “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

As far as the game story is concerned, Sora along with Donald Duck, Riku, King Mickey, and Goofy, shall be searching for the seven guardians of the light. They will also be looking to find the Key to Return Hearts.

Development now in full swing

There were some rumors before that Square Enix might officially launch “Kingdom Hearts 3” at the E3 2016 but it turned out to be inaccurate.

However, gamers and critics are still confident that the development of “Kingdom Hearts 3” is now in full swing since Square Enix is already set to release this coming September the other highly-anticipated role-playing game in its roster “Final Fantasy XV.”

In a recent interview, “Kingdom Hearts” co-director Tai Yasue revealed that before fans look ahead to “Kingdom Hearts 3,” they must look forward and play the upcoming prequel game called “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue” first.

Yasue said that the upcoming game shall set the stage for “Kingdom Hearts 3,” adding that gamers would understand the gameplay and premise of the third installment of “Kingdom Hearts” better if the play “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.”

The game co-director said for gamers to fully understand the new world to be introduced in “Kingdom Hearts 3,” it is important that they get to play and experience “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.”

kingdom hearts 3

The prologue shall feature the storyline of Aqua, who is trapped inside the Dark World that connects to Birth by Sleep so gamers will also experience her sorrow and torment. She is also a Keyblade Master and her destiny is intertwined with Sora in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Thus, it is important for gamers to learn about Aqua’s adventure and her pain because it gives meaning at the start of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” explains Yasue.

Yasue also revealed that “Kingdom Hearts 3” might also feature more worlds from Disney including those from Marvel and Star Wars films, which are both under the Disney umbrella.

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