Asus ZenFone 2 Can Stand Toe-to-Toe with Today’s More Expensive Flagship Smartphones

Sufficient storage

Depending on its variant, the ZenFone 2 can have as much as 64GB built-in storage which almost guarantees that user that he will never run out of storage in his smartphones amid loading it with a lot of software and game apps. And if it is still not enough, the handset also has a micro-SD card to throw in music, videos and other app data.

It’s also a fast-processing smartphone given its 4GB of RAM which is the first for any of the 2015 flagship smartphones that are already out in the markets today.

The latest flagship smartphone of Asus may not have the best camera or battery life among its contemporaries in the market today but for its cheap price, users can hardly complain about it as they are surely getting a bargain vis-à-vis the phone’s other worthy features.

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