Gran Turismo 7 to Give Gamers Realistic Feel of the Car Racing Video Game

Game developer Polyphony Digital wants to give gamers a realistic feel of the game as if they are actually in a real grandprix on course to making the car racing video game “Gran Turismo 7” become the best entry on the PlayStation 4 when it is officially unveiled.

While Polyphony has not specified an exact release date for “Gran Turismo 7” on the PlayStation 4, there have been hints from series creator Kazunori Yamauchi during a recent interview that “Gran Turismo 7” will come sometime before 2017 or 2017 itself.

This means that there is also a possibility that “Gran Turismo 7” might be released late in 2016 as Yamauchi did say in the same interview that people will not wait so much considering that it’s “Gran Turismo” and people must not wait long for it, cites Gamespot.

Better graphics

Apart from better graphics, new car models, and better sound quality, game developer Polyphony Digital is also working to improve the collision and impact physics of “Gran Turismo 7” when it officially rolls out to the PlayStation 4 either late next year or early in 2017.

Yamauchi disclosed that Polyphony has been taking impact simulation very seriously and is working to solve many of the problems that previous entries in the “Gran Turismo” series have had with regards to physics or crash physics to be more specific.

As much as the cars in the upcoming racing car video game will be more detailed in terms of its interiors, headlights, among other key features, the damage on them during crashes will likewise be detailed as well, explains Yamauchi.

Excellent audio quality

In addition to an improved gameplay, “Gran Turismo 7” is expected to feature excellent audio quality because the developer has really worked hard to raise it several notches higher.

As a matter of fact, Polyphony Digital took in Mike Caviezel last month to ensure that “Gran Turismo 7” would have better audio quality compared to “Gran Turismo 6.”

Caviezel is the former audio director of “Forza Motorsport” racing video game series that were released exclusively on the Microsoft gaming consoles. His entry into the “Gran Turismo 7” has further build excitement for the game even more.

“Forza Motorsport” racing game has been known for its excellent audio so gamers and fans are very excited to know that Caviezel will be working particularly on the same aspect of the “Gran Turismo 7.”

Caviezel carries with him 18 years of experience in the audio industry so he really knows his craft and fans of “Gran Turismo 7” have all the right reasons to be excited about his entry into the game development.

Polyphony Digital has promised that it will bring something special to gamers for “Gran Turismo 7” and make the racing video game the best entry on the PS4 that gamers could imagine.

gran turismo 7

The “Gran Turismo” racing video game property has consistently been a big seller but was only hampered during the PlayStation 3 era because of delays and the slightly smaller install base of the last generation gaming console compared to the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation.

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