Assetto Corsa To Be Released For Playstation 4 In April!

That does not mean the console version will not have cars to choose from. It is exactly the opposite and gamers will be able to enjoy more than one hundred cars to race and in more than twenty locations around the world.

Just like with most games that you see released these days, Assetto Corsa will also feature downloadable content packs. The latest was just released for the PC and it featured new cars and tracks to race on. The same can be expected for the console version of the game. Those that have the PS4 are going to enjoy HD graphics, while the Xbox One gamers will be restricted to 900p resolution.

Developers did try and make a version of the game in full HD, but they were unable to do that at this time. The different in resolution is not likely to even be noticed by the average gamer.

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