‘Person of Interest’ Season 5 to Feature Same-Sex Romance Between Root and Shaw!

Same-sex relationships have certainly gained breakthrough last year with the decision of the US Supreme Court to recognize and allow same-sex marriage in the country. It has no longer become a contentious issue in America but a fact and a way of life that even TV series are now incorporating the idea to their subplots.

The American science-fiction crime drama TV series “Person of Interest” is no exception as its upcoming Season 5 will highlight the lesbian love between Samantha ‘Sam’ Grooves, whose hacker name is Root, played by Amy Acker, and Sameen Shaw, played by Sarah Shahi.

During the recent ComicCon, Amy Acker confirmed that there will be more Root and Shaw romance in the upcoming fifth season of “Person of Interest” when it finally premieres on CBS this coming spring, notes the Parent Herald.

She added however that her character Root will continue to struggle with choosing between Shaw and the Machine. She explained that both are priorities to her character in the TV series.

She recalled that at the end of last year, Root had to decide that if she did not do everything to save the Machine, there is also no purpose on saving Shaw.

Acker said that if indeed “Person of Interest” is on its final season, she is very optimistic that the showrunner will give a happily ever after ending to Root and Shaw. In fact, she hopes to see Root, the Machine, and Shaw live together with Bear and twins.

Nothing but praises

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams, who happens to be one of the producers of “Person of Interest” have nothing but praises for the series director and creator, Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, respectively.

Abrams made the comment after his statement that Season 5 of “Person of Interest” might be the show’s last as if to insinuate that the people behind the show caused its non-renewal for Season 6.

On the contrary, Abrams said that he fully support and loved the show and that Nolan and Plageman did an amazing job on the show, notes MNR Daily.

While CBS president Glenn Geller did not say anything about the official cancellation of “Person of Interest” after its Season 5, he did say during the TCA winter press tour that the fifth season of the TV series could function as both a season and series finale.

Geller also confirmed that Nolan and Plageman have planned a terrific season for “Person of Interest” with big surprises and that fans and viewers of the show would be very much satisfied.

The CBS boss also said that the network has ordered 13 episodes for Season 5 and they hope to get them on the air in the coming spring.

Despite the looming end of his TV series, co-creator and director Jonathan Nolan is still very thankful for CBS for giving him and the producers the opportunity to do Season 5 of “Person of Interest.”

He said that it is also good for the fans because they will have the opportunity to see every plotline of “Person of Interest” coming to a wrap rather than leaving them with many unanswered questions.

Online petition

Following the announcement of CBS a few months ago that Season 5 will be the final year of “Person of Interest,” an online petition was started seeking the extension of the TV series.

Person of Interest

The petition needed 15,000 signatures but presently requires 25,000. As of the close of 2015, the petition has already generated 17,156 signatures, which is still short of the requirement by 7,844.

However, regardless whether the petition can muster the minimum required number of signatures, CBS seems firm that Season 5 is the final year of “Person of Interest.”

And the only possible solution for fans and petitioners alike is to contribute and make sure that when the TV series is aired on the network in spring this year, it should post excellently high ratings for CBS to consider changing its mind over its decision.

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