Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants John Kasich to Become the Next US President, More Details!

Schwarzenegger also said that fossil fuels like coal and oil are very limited so people should come up with a plan before those resources run out. He actually came up with two analogies on fossil fuels when he said that he does not want to be like the last horse and buggy salesman who was holding out as cars took over the roads. He also said that he does not want to be the last investor in Blockbuster as Netflix emerged.

The “Escape Plan” actor does not give a damn if people believe in climate change or not or whether they could not care less if they are concerned about temperatures rising or melting glaciers. He only wants to make sure that humanity works to make a smarter, cleaner, healthier, and more profitable energy future.

Also on the same climate conference, Arnold Schwarzenegger recommended that people should have a vegetarian diet.

In an interview, he said that eating meat poses a threat to the environment although he said that it is unrealistic to give up cold turkey, which is the main staple during American Thanksgiving celebration.

He said that it is quite difficult to stop eating meat altogether because it is a very big challenge. The former Mr. Olympia made known his position against eating meat as he found out during the climate conference that farming actually accounts for 28% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Schwarzenegger suggested terminating meat and dairy, at least, one or two days to minimize the increasing levels of greenhouse gases.

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