Teen Wolf Season 5 Finale Has Fans Waiting for Some Important Answers, More Details!

As the current season of “Teen Wolf” is getting closer and closer to its conclusion, fans have been discussing what they want to see in the finale, and what plot points they feel haven’t been explored enough. There are various opinions all around, but it looks like a few topics get brought up more often than others, even by critics and not just fans. There are some loose ends which the producers should pay attention to tie up nicely, otherwise they could face a lot of frustration in the responses of their community after the finale airs.

The Dread Doctors have been a hot topic for some fans for some time now, and we still don’t know their true identities. There are some prominent theories going around, but until the producers of the show decide to unveil the truth, we won’t know for sure. We’ve heard some statements that could indicate that the producers are planning to actually show what’s under the masks of the Doctors, such as reports about work being done by make-up artists in this regard.

It would indeed be a great way to drive up the interest of fans right now if the producers decided to finally show who the Dread Doctors are, but they are far from the only mystery on the show. Theo and Tracy keep getting mentioned quite often, and many fans want to find out what will happen to Tracy and whether she will meet her fate at Theo’s hands. We’ve already seen Theo’s capabilities in this regard, so it’s not out of the question that he will finish her as well, but according to some fans, this would be the most obvious move for the writers and therefore they might avoid it.

Speaking of these recent developments around Theo, some fans were shocked to see him murdering Josh so easily, seemingly blinded by his thirst for power. The plot around the Dread Doctors thickened with Josh’s murder, and it’s not clear what the consequences will be for Theo now. He got the opportunity to put on the mask that he so much desired, but will he be able to take it off afterwards?

There is some suspicion among fans that we might see a deeper transformation of his character, showing how much the mask has affected him in the long run. While the more likely outcome is that he will soon be able to overcome the challenge that the mask puts in his way, it is interesting to think about the darker directions the plot of the show could be taken in.

“Teen Wolf” does have its more thought-provoking moments from time to time, and after several seasons it would also make sense for the producers to have some desire to change the general tone somewhat, but we’ll have to wait and see how they handle the rest of the episodes in the future. And at the current rate, that might take a while.

Teen Wolf Season 5

We know that a sixth season is underway, but it’s still a long time away from us so fans will need to be patient. There will be plenty of time for them to discuss the possible upcoming plot developments in the show, and it would be curious to see what ideas pop up in those discussions. We’ve already seen some quite creative thinking from fans of “Teen Wolf” during periods of downtime, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the discussions became even more interesting after the finale of this season airs.

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