Ariana Grande Back In The News Headlines This Week, And More!

Ariana Grande likes to be as private as she can, but that would not make much sense if you are following her on Snapchat. Which is one of the most public places that you can be on the internet these days, even though the messages are deleted automatically after a short time. With that being said, it looks like she finally let the cat out of the bag.

Fans are going to be excited, of course, but in real terms, this is a celebrity relationship and those that have been around a while know how this could play out. In the meantime, Ariana Grande is going to continue singing, looking good and being active on social media.

Even if Justin Beiber cannot seem to get a compliment passed her, the singer is going to keep moving forward with her “cute, drama free life”. There is only one person that really knows what that means.

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