Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation is Almost Like a New iPhone in Disguise

The Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation was released in 2012 so when word got around about the American tech giant working on the 6th iteration of its iPod Touch, everyone was pinning their hopes that the refreshed version will finally bring forth major and important changes to the device.

Users obviously recall that when the iPod Touch 5th Generation was released, it only offered minor refresh or updates from its predecessor, the iPod Touch 4th Gen, dismaying a number of its fans.

However, with the three-year gap from the release of the iPod Touch 5th Gen to the unveiling of the iPod Touch 6th Gen, everybody was expecting that the new media player device would come with groundbreaking improvements to make it worth the wait and perhaps the money too.

The design of the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation remained almost exactly this time, but the company added new color variations to the mix and took out the strap option. The latest iPod Touch now comes in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Pink, Blue, and Product Red.

As it launched before the iOS 9 was officially rolled out, the media player device came out with the iOS 8.4 on board and comes along with the Apple Music app.

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