Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Mini Version May Also be in the Cards

Apple and Samsung are preparing to roll out new and more powerful tablets within the next two to three months to rival the upcoming Surface Pro 4, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s high-end hybrid laptop tablet.

But the Redmondian company appears to be doing the opposite or so the latest rumors appear to indicate. Word has it that Microsoft is not just preparing for the scheduled launch and release to the retail markets of its Surface Pro 4, the company is reportedly working on a mini version of the hybrid laptop tablet to rival the upcoming smaller tablets of Apple and Samsung.

Apple is looking at launching its iPad mini 4 in October while Samsung is reportedly rolling out the 8-inch version of its Galaxy Tab S2 either in August or September.

The Gospel Herald said that a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 mini could give all the benefits of a tablet on the go as well as the ability to scale up to desktop use by connecting to a bigger screen.

Microsoft has yet to come up with an official announcement or statement to either confirm or deny the reports on the Surface Pro 4 mini. Assuming that the mini laplet is indeed in the works, it is still not clear whether Microsoft will be launching it alongside the Surface Pro 4 in October.

Cheaper than its predecessor

Computing of UK has confirmed previous reports that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will come out in the retail markets cheaper than its predecessor.

Based on recent information, it appears though that the price of the Surface Pro 4 is not actually cheaper than the Surface Pro 3 but will just approximate its range. However, since the Surface Pro 4 is the latest iteration, it would really come out cheaper than its predecessor.

In terms of exterior look, the Surface Pro 4 will feature the same ultra-thin form factor, bezel size, and large-size display as the Surface Pro 3.

There are also reports that the 14-inch Surface Pro 4 will also come with the standard 12-inch variant, which has been the typical size of the Surface Pro lines, though the speculation is only as good as the Surface Pro 4 mini. So until Microsoft makes the confirmation, reports about the 12-inch variant of the Surface Pro 4 are merely rumors at this time and should be taken with a grain of salt.

More high-tech and powerful

One thing is certain about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 when it finally comes out. It would be more high-tech and powerful than its predecessor and perhaps compared to other devices in the market as well including those upcoming ones.

Apart from coming out with the Windows 10, which is almost a no-brainer, the Surface Pro 4 shall also come out with a 256GB solid state drives (SSDs) from Samsung Electronics.

It will also come out with a 2K screen that features a 2,160 x 1,440-pixel resolution and will be thinner and lighter compared to the Surface Pro 3.

It will be powered by Intel’s new Skylake processor and shall also come with improved battery power. There are also reports that the Surface Pro 4 will feature a new camera as well as an improved stylus following the acquisition by Microsoft of N-Trig, the company that manufactures styli.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

It has also been reported that when the Surface Pro 4 is released by October, it is most likely to have the same price as its predecessor, and that is around £600 or approximately $930 for its base model and could go as high as £1,600 or approximately $2.480 for its high-end variant.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 could actually be the company’s biggest hit as far as the Surface devices are concerned or might be a disappointment like the Windows 8.1.

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  1. Thinner?
    How does that work, MS have already said that the docking station etc for the Pro 3 will be compatible with the Pro 4, so yes, it might be lighter but my money is on the chassis being the same as the Pro 3…

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