Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation is Almost Like a New iPhone in Disguise

A few days after Apple made the surprise release of the iPod Touch 6th Generation on July 22, critics and users of the latest iteration of the media player say that it is best iPod Touch yet from the American tech giant.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, Forbes seems to suggest in a recent report that the new iPod Touch 6th Generation is actually a new iPhone minus the voice call primarily and the SMS capability.

The new iPod Touch 6th Generation can already be used for communications too, but only if it is connected to a Wi-Fi. With iOS 8.4 as its mobile operating system, the device can also be used for FaceTime and iMessage to communicate.

In general the new media player actually looks like the smaller iPhones of today but it goes against the usual norm where handsets are becoming bigger and bigger.

The iPhone 6 Plus is actually an indication of how Apple wanted to test the phablet market and it looks like the company will continue to produce updated iterations of the device on a yearly basis, including this coming September.

The updated hardware of the iPod Touch 6th Generation also makes it a really good gadget worthy of purchasing because it is no longer a music player the way it was positioned to be by Apple when it ushered the concept of the iPod Touch some years back.

The iPod Touch 6th Generation can already do other functions including health and fitness tracker, capability to play modern games and use various apps, communicate over Wi-Fi, store data, with playing music relegated to merely its traditional function.

A precursor to a monster iPhone 6C

Because of its 4-inch display screen size, it is likely that the latest iteration of the iPod Touch 6th Generation is a precursor to the rumored iPhone 6C, which shall also have the same screen size. It’s also the same size as the iPhone 5C, which remains very popular even with the limitation of the A6 chip and the hobbled storage option of only 8GB.

Apart from the screen size, the iPod Touch 6th Generation also has an A8 processor, which is the same processor to be used by the rumored iPhone 6C.

Another report from Forbes also insinuated that the new iPod Touch 6th Generation is like Apple doing a public beta testing on the rumored iPhone 6C.

And the reason why the American tech giant did not release the iPod Touch 6th Generation along with the latest iPhones of the company in September is that it might overlap with the iPhone 6C and cross each other out in the market when they are finally released.

What the iPod Touch 6th Generation has proven so far is that a high-specification and high-power iPhone 6C would be warmly received by the market and has all the potentials to become a great success.

Nearly coming out of nowhere

While speculations were swirling wildly until the third week of July that Apple would officially roll out the iPod Touch 6th Generation in September to join its latest iPhones, the American tech giant pulled off a major surprise by launching its latest media player on July 22.

It was a launching that almost came out of nowhere that not even Apple insiders were privy about and were caught really off-guard.

Months before the official launching of the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation, reports, rumors and speculations about its features, specifications, among other details were already running around plenty on the internet.

Apple iPod Touch 6G

Apparently, while most of the rumors and speculations were on target with the features and specifications of the latest iteration of Apple’s media player, practically everyone was not aware of the July 22 launching date.

When the device came out, Apple only has one thing to say about the iPod Touch 6th Generation – it is the company’s best iPod Touch yet.

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