Angelina Jolie Finally Speaks About Her Divorce with Brad Pitt for the First Time!

Brad Pitt did not give any comment about the rumor linking him with Kate Hudson now circling widely on the internet.

For her part, there was also a rumor linking Angelina Jolie with musician and eccentric actor Jared Leto. According to the same rumor, the “Salt” actress is also moving on from his split with Brad Pitt with Jared Leto. The two were reportedly caught in a secret meeting.

However, it turned out later that the rumors linking Brad Pitt to Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie to Jared Leto were not true and were simply capitalizing on the popularity of the split of ‘Brangelina.’

It was a popular site that first ran both rumors so it is now getting a backlash from its readers and critics, accusing it of fabricating news at the expense of the popular ex-couple.

The former couple is busy with their own respective careers amid their divorce and child custody battles in court.

Angelina Jolie is busy promoting her documentary film titled, “First They Killed My Father.” The film retells the story of a Cambodian lady and the challenges being faced by the Cambodian people.

She shared that the film was close to her heart because it was the country where her eldest son Maddox was born. The film is slated to be released globally later this year on Netflix.

Brad Pitt, on the other hand, is set to star in an upcoming film entitled “Moonlight,” where he also happens to be its producer.

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