‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Officially Out as Marvel Studios Names Lead for ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

Teenage superhero

Butterfield can best be remembered for his leading roles in Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning drama “Hugo” and Gavin Hood’s science fiction tale “Ender’s Game.”

The casting of Butterfield is consistent with earlier reports that Marvel Studios was planning to make the new Spider-Man and Peter Parker a teenager and return him to high school.

Both Maguire and Garfield were in their late 20s when they took on the role of Spider-Man. It has also been reported that there would be at least two “Spider-Man” solo films with the first one coming out in 2017. There is still no report as to when the sequel would come out.

Also early in May, there have been reports that Marvel Studios is actually considering several directors who shall helm the “Spider-Man” reboot movie including Jonathan Levine, Ted Melfi, Jason Moore, and Jared Hess, all of whom have previous credible filming experience.


  1. “but he will be the first Brit to play the role of “Spider-Man.” ???
    Andrew Garfield is British he was born in the U.S. but he lived in Surrey most of his life.

  2. Butterfield wouldn’t be the first British person to be Spider-Man as Andrew is British.. Asa is also not the first person to be Spider-Man who’s surname ends in “field”. Andrew should still be Spider-Man imo, perfect casting.

  3. Andrew Garfield is British tho born in America. He grew up there and speaks with the acent. So Butterfield nt b the first British Spiderman.

  4. Why are they bothering with another solo Spider-Man movie. It’s been overdone just add him to the avengers roster in the upcoming captain America and be done with it. It’s what everyone wants to see anyway.

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