‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Officially Out as Marvel Studios Names Lead for ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

When Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment forged that historic agreement in February this year officially paving the way for the entry of Spider-Man into the Marvel cinematic universe, it was already understood that there will be no more ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ movie and that Andrew Garfield will no longer be back to reprise his role as Peter Parker and the web-slinging superhero.

While rumors continue to swirl around insinuating of the possibility of an ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3,’ it was eventually quashed by reports that came out early this month that the reason why the movie was cancelled was because Andrew Garfield snubbed Sony chief Kaz Hirai in an event in Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2014.

Hirai would have introduced Garfield as the star of the upcoming ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ during the event but for some reason the temperamental and moody actor did not show up even though he flew in to the country before the event. Garfield just claimed that he was feeling under the weather and could not make it to the event.

As a result, the speech of Hirai had to be changed and the rest, as everyone knows it, is history. Had Garfield showed up in the event, Hirai would have pushed for ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ before deciding to work out and forged an agreement with Marvel Studios.

But with what Garfield had done, Hirai was left no choice but to junk the ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ movie project and eventually signed a deal with Marvel Studios a few months later.

With the signing of the agreement in February, Sony Pictures has relinquished its rights to Spider-Man as the super-hero officially enters the Marvel cinematic universe, reportedly beginning with the third Captain America movie titled “Captain America: Civil War” which just began filming last week.

Spider-Man reboot

It has been reported after the February signing of the deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures that the former is looking at bringing back Peter Parker in the “Spider-Man” solo reboot movie, due to be shown to worldwide theaters in 2017, to high school.

As such, the actor who shall play Peter Parker should be younger than Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire was during his three-movie “Spider-Man” series.

Although there were a couple of names that were brought forth in February, latest reports indicate that Asa Butterfield has emerged as the frontrunner to play Peter Parker and the wall-climbing superhero in the upcoming “Spider-Man” reboot movie, details The Guardian.

spider man

The 18-year-old Asa Butterfield will follow the footsteps of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield but he will be the first Brit to play the role of “Spider-Man.” He is following the footsteps of fellow Brits Christian Bale and Henry Cavill in taking on superhero roles. Bale took on the role of the Caped Crusader beginning with “Batman Begins” while Henry Cavill assumed the role of Superman in “Man of Steel.”


  1. “but he will be the first Brit to play the role of “Spider-Man.” ???
    Andrew Garfield is British he was born in the U.S. but he lived in Surrey most of his life.

  2. Butterfield wouldn’t be the first British person to be Spider-Man as Andrew is British.. Asa is also not the first person to be Spider-Man who’s surname ends in “field”. Andrew should still be Spider-Man imo, perfect casting.

  3. Andrew Garfield is British tho born in America. He grew up there and speaks with the acent. So Butterfield nt b the first British Spiderman.

  4. Why are they bothering with another solo Spider-Man movie. It’s been overdone just add him to the avengers roster in the upcoming captain America and be done with it. It’s what everyone wants to see anyway.

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