2016 Apple MacBook Air Rumored to Come with Significant Improvements!

If current rumors are true, Apple might be planning something big for the next release in the MacBook line. The company likes to experiment with new features with MacBooks, and it usually plays out in their favor, and it looks like they’re aiming to add even more extra features to the laptop. Rumors also claim that the new notebook is coming to the market early next year, so we might start hearing official information about it soon.

USB-C is pretty much guaranteed to be included in this release again, but there have been rumors that there will be more than one port this time, in response to the common criticism that the previous MacBook Air saw about its single USB-C port. Of course, Apple tried to argue that there was sense in what they did back then, but it was a little hard to convince the more tech-savvy users who really needed the extra ports for their everyday use.

It’s also rumored that Apple might be looking to reduce their production costs by reverting the device to a lower display resolution, as apparently the response to the new super high resolution on their mobile devices hasn’t been as positive as they were hoping. On one hand, tablets were received quite well when they came with high resolutions like that – but on the other, some people expressed disappointment in the MacBook Air, claiming that they saw it as a bit underwhelming overall in terms of display quality.

So if Apple manage to release the new MacBook Air with a lower, yet still sufficiently high resolution, it could be a good move if it ends up bringing the price down. There has been some speculation regarding what exactly the resolution might be, but it’s hard to say at this point – if Apple are looking to bring it down, they would likely go with 1366×768 for the 13 inch model of the device or something along those lines.

Skylake processors might replace the CPU inside the MacBook Air, giving the device extra performance and battery efficiency, especially when combined with the lower resolution display. This could be a significant improvement in the model alone, according to some experts, but it’s not clear if it’s a change that will propagate through all of Apple’s products eventually (if the rumor is true) or if they are only planning it for the MacBook Air for the time being.

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In any case, it does look like Apple are interested in improving the design of the device, and more importantly, they’re also looking into ways to cut costs, instead of trying to raise the price even more.


  1. 1366×768 resolution for a 13″ MBA??? Are you nuts??? That would be an atrocity. If anyone from Apple is reading then please — do not sell out like that. Ridiculous.

    The retina screen on the new Macbook is amazing. Let’s keep it as standard fare.

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