Abigail Spencer Wishes That Her Son Will Be as Fond of Theatre as Her, And More

The actress talked a little about her role on “Rectify” as well, describing the emotional state of her character. She claimed that she was a wreck, and the events that occurred around the last episodes of season 2 and the start of season 3 of the show have definitely had an impact on her.

She also revealed that the two seasons are only separated by a couple of hours of story time, continuing the trend that the show has already established. The interviewer was also interested to learn how this style of storytelling has been affecting her work.

She explained that it feels a bit weird to work on a show with such a tight timeline, while at the same time everyone involved has been aging for three years, but in the end, it’s apparently a lot of fun for her.

She made a joke about Walt Disney being frozen, comparing it to the way characters rest between seasons, and went on to say that she wouldn’t mind if the show jumped by a little more time at some point. Of course, if the producers have another idea in mind, it would be hard to convince them otherwise, even from the perspective of someone who has been attached to the project for so long, but that’s how this industry works.

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