2016 Toyota Camry Revealed in Bahrain by Ebrahim K Kanoo!

On the inside, the car has a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine capable of a 181 horsepower output, and it should be quite the solid performer on the road, no matter what conditions the driver decides to test it out in. It should be a great car for urban driving, but also fantastic for longer road trips where its comfort would truly shine.

We will also see an engine with Dual Variable Valve Timing, and the car will have a six-speed automatic transmission along with a special new flex-start control that all make for a great fuel efficiency. The exact numbers should prove quite attractive to buyers who care about their car’s gas mileage to a large extent.

The Electric Power Steering featured on all 2016 Camry models is adjusted for a better feeling on the road, and allows for more precise steering input that feels more directly related to the actual actions of the driver. The idea is to remove the artificial feeling that some steering assist systems have, and it’s apparently been working great so far.

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