Lucas Coming to ‘Super Smash Bros 4’ This Month as a DLC

Another character is coming this month to the Nintendo fighting game “Super Smash Bros 4” on Wii U and 3DS and it will be no other than Lucas.

But Lucas will come as a DLC and he will join other fighters in the video game that already include Mewtwo, Sakurai, Duck Hunt, Mega Man and many others.

DLC is a new strategy for the “Super Smash Bros 4” of Nintendo and Lucas will only be the second downloadable character in the video game next only to Mewtwo.

Character bundle offer

When Mewtwo was released to the “Super Smash Bros 4” DLC shop a few weeks ago, the pocket monster had a retail price of $4 a pop, or $5 if users wanted it for both the Wii U and 3DS. iDigital Times believes that the situation will likely be true for the Mother character when he debuts on the video game.

Some gamers are actually looking forward to seeing Nintendo choosing to offer the two “Super Smash Bros 4” characters as a bundle, notes iDigital Times.

The site also mentioned about the “Legacy Fighters” pack which would be good to gamers who are playing catch up. But overall, gamers would easily be convinced spending extra money for Mewtwo.

Lucas is likely to be entered into the “Super Smash Bros 4” via a software update similar to the path taken by Mewtwo.

Amiibo figurines

Meanwhile, Nintendo has released Amiibo figurines, namely Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight, on May 29 simultaneous with the official roll out of the Wave 4 of “Super Smash Bros 4.”

“Super Smash Bros 4” is also known as “Super Smash Bros” on Wii U/3DS and it was released in November last year.

Nintendo’s “Super Smash Bros” on Wii U/3DS was released on November 21, 2014. It has been such a smashing success that the Japanese gaming company is now seriously looking at a historic financial rebound from a slump it suffered two to three years ago.

The information on the latest releases from the Japanese gaming company actually came no less from the official Facebook page of Nintendo as well as from a screen shot from one gamer carrying the name xTwilightPrincess in the Amiibo Reddit community.

According to Nintendo, the rare Amiibo figurines trio will begin popping up in limited quantities in select retail stores over the next few days. Gamers who are interested to purchase the Amiibo figurines should discuss with the nearest toy retailers on how they can avail of the limited release of Nintendo toy collection.

super smash bros

In addition to the release of the rare Amiibo figurines trio, Nintendo will also release the Silver Mario and the “Splatoon” Amiibo set as well as the Wave 4 of “Super Smash Bros” on May 29.

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