10 Years After the Death of Anna Nicole Smith, Daughter Dannielynn Has a Nice Life with Her Father, Larry Birkhead

Now, the 10-year old Dannielynn looks extremely similar to her mother and lives with her father outside Louisville, Kentucky. During an interview with Inside Edition, Birkhead said that her daughter tends to live her childhood like any other girl of her age.

The cute fifth-grader showed her bedroom, Diane McInerny of Inside Edition, introduced her to the dogs of her family and also played the violin and danced around the house. In spite of reports suggesting that Dannielynn could inherit the wealth of Anna’s late husband, J. Howard Marshall, her lawyers, lost the final request to obtain money from his estate, back in 2014.

Inside Edition was told by Birkhead that he tried to keep the legal battle and all the headlines away from her life, but she can still see it out there. In YouTube, she saw a video reporting that she was one of the ten richest kids in America and she wanted to go to the mall. Birkhead told her laughing that it was not that at all.

Birkhead also told that he would not allow Dannielynn’s grandmother, Virgie Arthur, to visit her after the rise of bad blood due to the custody battle over his daughter. Thankfully, Birkhead reported that it’s not true at all and that Anna’s mom has visited Dannielynn a few times.

Stay tuned for more updates on Anna Nicole Smith and Dannielynn Birkhead!

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