Yet another Rumor about Michael Bay and Transformers 5: Mark Wahlberg Says Director Is Coming Back?

There are so many rumors going around about “Transformers 5”, it’s getting a bit hard to keep track of them – but one of the main points of discussion seems to be the involvement of Michael Bay in the new production. It’s no secret that the director has a very busy schedule – but on the other hand, “Transformers” is one of his greatest works, and it would be strange to see the new film be made without his touch.

Rumors have been claiming that the director is off the production, then we heard another round of speculation saying that he’s back, then he was off again – and now, according to Mark Wahlberg, Michael Bay should definitely contribute to “Transformers 5”. In a recent interview, he talked a little about the production of the film, and said that the writers on the team are currently hard at work trying to come up with a deep, engaging script.

Then he said that Michael Bay was currently in Malta for a shooting session, and Wahlberg himself has been busy on “Deepwater” in New Orleans. However, he said that once Michael Bay has returned, they are going to get together and apparently work on “Transformers 5”.

Then, Wahlberg was more directly asked if he thought that there’s a chance that Bay would come back to the franchise. He answered positively to that question, even though Bay himself is yet to confirm his involvement. In fact, a while ago Michael Bay specifically said that he has no plans to take part in any further “Transformers” productions, much to the disappointment of the fans.

He did say that he has something entirely new that he’s working on which he wants to dedicate his attention to right now, and he claims to have many stories to tell at the moment. And by the way he talked about that new work, it was strongly implied that he’ll be exploring some exciting new territories with it, instead of making it yet another release full of explosions and the other cinematic elements we’ve come to expect from him.

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However, with or without Michael Bay’s involvement, the new “Transformers 5” will have to offer something a bit more spectacular if it wants to keep fans interested. There has been a lot of displeasure over the way the last three films were handled, with many fans claiming that the productions were rushed and that the studio has started to milk the franchise at this point. Of course, Bay hasn’t commented on that.

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  1. there will be no rumor because if they flims two more transformers movies im a big transformers and tmnt fan i love their movies i just want megan fox to come back and rosie hunting whitely in two tf sequels plus the leader like optimus prime and the autobots will battle the evil decepticons and add a new character like ultra magnus will join the transformers sequels and bring back sentinel prime and ironhide plus make a live action transformers tv series transformers and tmnt lives forever

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