New Trailer for Dragon Blade Released, Showing Jackie Chan alongside John Cusack!

A new trailer for “Dragon Blade” was just release, showing Jackie Chan in a bit of a different light than what we’re used to. Normally, we see the actor in somewhat lighthearted, action-comedy type roles, and even though he’s also played in some slightly more serious parts before, we generally know the actor as a lighter type of character. Which is why it’s refreshing to see him in a more serious light in the new trailer, showing him fighting along with John Cusack.

In “Dragon Blade”, we learn the story of Tiberius, a Roman leader played by Adrien Brody, who’s trying to claim the Silk Road as his own. There are only a few people that can stop him, and that is a group of master warriors led by Huo An – played by Jackie Chan.

However, even they don’t have the strength necessary to go up against the legendary leader on their own, and they need to recruit the help of a legion of defected Roman soldiers, and their leader General Lucius – the character of John Cusack.

The trailer looked very interesting and the film looks like it will be full of some serious action and drama. It seems to be designed a bit like “Braveheart”, featuring many large-scale battle scenes and huge fights, and there will likely be some fast plot developments as well. We’ve been hearing some curious reports about the casting choices in the new film too, not just in the context of Jackie Chan and John Cusack, as it looks like we’ll get to see many big names give their best in this title.

The film is almost here too, as it’s scheduled for release on September 4 in the US. Marketing for the new production has already been ramping up, and there is definitely a lot of hype about it among film lovers, especially fans of Jackie Chan himself.

Many people want to see the actor give a good performance in this more dramatic role, and it’s been said for quite some time that Chan has some unexplored potential as a more serious actor. We don’t know how much the tone of his acting is going to change for this performance exactly, but we can expect to see something a bit deeper and more involved than his typical roles.

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The film is directed by Daniel Lee, who has previously handled “14 Blade” and “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon”, and we’re going to see Adrien Brody and Peng Lin along with Jackie Chan and John Cusack.

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