WWE 2K15 Receiving Mixed Reception from Critics, Does It Offer the Depth Fans Have Been Asking for

The concept of annualized franchises has been around for a while in gaming, and while it was initially met with some criticism and resistance from gamers, people eventually accepted it, and some even started to enjoy the idea of getting an upgraded version of their favorite games year after year. And yet, sometimes publishers and developers seem to forget that it’s important to innovate sufficiently with each new installment, if the company wants to retain their fan base.

In the case of “WWE 2K15”, the previous installments in the series were received more or less favorably by fans and critics alike – but the most recent one seems to be getting some mixed reactions. The problem, according to most reviewers, is that the developers don’t seem to be putting enough effort into innovating their game anymore, particularly in the graphics department.

Some of the issues that have been pointed out are related to things like improper clipping, low texture resolutions, as well as rough edges on some of the models. And while most games which come with sub-par graphics tend to at least compensate for that with solid gameplay, it appears that the major problems with the mechanics in “WWE” remain in this installment. Reviewers have been pointing out that the game feels slow and clumsy, movements seem unrealistic in some regards, and the overall fighting is boring and rather uninspired. While this can be expected from a game focused on this style of fighting, critics have been pointing out that the gameplay has a lot of unrealized potential.

Still, not all hope seems lost – some of the game’s features have received some praise, such as the feeling of “wackiness” that the whole gameplay revolves around, as well as the depiction of popular characters. The stamina meter is back, which seems to be a positive change more than anything, if the general opinions are considered – and some fans have been pointing out that the new “WWE” feels like a slight improvement over the last title in terms of gameplay, despite the fact that the game still has problems with the basic formula.

wwe 2k15

The general consensus among critics is that the series is suffering from the classic problem that plagues annual titles – it’s stuck between the two extremes. On one hand, if it doesn’t innovate too much, it will alienate old-time fans who will eventually start to feel cheated out of their money by buying the same thing year after year. On the other, making any drastic changes could result in losing fans just as well. Each installment of the “WWE” series seems to do one of those two things, and fans are hoping that the developers will finally get the balance right with next year’s installment.

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