Attack on Titan Season 2 Coming in 2016, Prequel to Hit Japan First!

Fans of “Attack on Titan” have been getting more and more anxious in bringing up the question about the next season in the series, and the producers have so far remained relatively quiet. The wait for information has now come to an end, although the answer might not be too pleasing to everyone. Those who were hoping to see season 2 of the series in 2015 will be disappointed by the news, as the next season is not coming until 2016.

This was confirmed during a recent press conference, where another revelation was made – “Wings of Freedom” is coming in June 2015. In addition, it seems that the producers of the show already have solid plans for its future, and have mapped its development for several years ahead. If everything goes according to plan, the third season should be ready in 2018. The producers have stated that they have more than enough material to make the seasons that they have planned so far, although it’s not clear if they intend to go beyond season 3. Given that it the first season spans over nearly nine volumes, it’s possible that the animated series might stop at the third season.

Considering the animation quality that the show’s fans have been treated to so far, a two-year production cycle might not be too unrealistic for “Attack on Titan”, although critics have been pointing out that it also puts a bigger burden on the producers. Fans will have to wait longer for each installment, which means that they’ll likely have bigger expectations for what they’ll see throughout the episodes.

Fans of the series will still get something to help them make the wait less annoying though, as in 2015, a prequel to the show will be released, titled “Attack on Titan: No Regrets”. It will first be available in Japan (in December), and will feature Captain Levi, as well as look into the story of Erwin in more detail. Even though Japanese fans will get to see the prequel first, such situations haven’t stopped fans who live in restricted regions from getting access to their favorite shows early.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Images

Critics have been commending the producers of the show for handling it so well, as not every instance of a story transferred from one medium to another has been successful, especially when it comes to deeper, more thoughtful plots. However, the people behind “Attack on Titan” have shown multiple times that they care about the fans of the series, and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that those coming from the original manga are not going to end up disappointed.

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