‘World of Warcraft’ New Expansion ‘Legion’ to Make Game’s Combat Feel More Visceral!

Blizzard Entertainment is in dire need of getting back the huge number of subscriptions that the video game has lost over the past year and it seems that it has found the right instrument to do just that with the expansion pack “Legion.”

Every player of the video game knows that the goblin’s are the ugly face of capitalism in the MMORPG “World of Warcraft” and these creatures are actually willing to take any gambit if it will make a profit with little regard for their own survival.

But if a player spends any time interacting with them at the banks and business, these goblins will run and they will happily share their defining philosophy which is ‘Time is money, friend.’

The game developer is capitalizing on the mantra of the goblins by using the same tagline when it introduced the “World of Warcraft” token and gave its estimated five million subscribers worldwide a way to buy with real money, which is a digital manifestation of one month’s worth of game time.

Such game time can actually be sold by gamers to other players through in-game auction houses. Having such feature in “World of Warcraft” effectively enables players to exchange real-world currency for the gold used to pay for goods and services within the game and set the price for gold through the in-game auctions.

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