‘World of Warcraft’ New Expansion ‘Legion’ to Make Game’s Combat Feel More Visceral!

The successful BlizzCon 2015 held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on November 6 to 7 was highlighted by the launching of the latest expansion pack titled “Legion” to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) “World of Warcraft.”

Apart from ushering a new gameplay, “Legion” shall bring a new Demon Hunter class, fresh hordes of enemies, as well as some enhancements and tweaks meant to make the “World of Warcraft” even more exciting.

Interestingly, the new expansion pack will also improve the combat in the game. While combat is one of the cornerstones of the “World of Warcraft,” it is also the most antiquated when compared to other MMO evolutions like “Destiny,” “Tera,” “Wildstar,” “Guild Wars 2,” among others. Some of today’s games have either taken the combat formula several miles further or simply ditched it altogether, details Kotaku.

John Hight, production director of Blizzard Entertainment, developer of “World of Warcraft,” said that “Legion” will make combat feel more visceral to get the gamers more engrossed or involved with the game.

Improving the game’s animations

He disclosed that they have done a lot of experimenting with “Legion” particularly with melee animations. Hight added that in the case of the warrior attacks, while they’re cool and its sound effects are great, they also felt that the animations just did not quite sell it.

So they decided to improve the animations in “Legion” by putting a lot of effort into revamping it to make it more responsive.

Hight said that they wanted to know how gamers would respond to the improvements that they have made on the animation.

The “World of Warcraft” may be comfort food to millions of people and gamers who continue to adore the game, but Blizzard continues to do some great and daring things to build on the elements of the game’s foundations. Apparently, the developer believes that game feel is more tangible than any of the other aspects of “World of Warcraft” including level-scale, artifact weapons, among others.

Blizzard announced during the BlizzCon 2015 that “Legion” will roll out in the summer of 2016, and that gives them more than enough time to fine-tune it based on what they feel gamers of “World of Warcraft” need to keep them interested and excited with the game.

Making the individual classes more steeped

In addition to improving the game’s combat and animations, Blizzard is also planning to make the individual classes more steeped in the lore in “Legion,” notes Bleeding Cool.

So if a gamer feels like playing a warrior, he should be able to distinguish whether he wants to be a fury warrior or an arms warrior that are both different from being a protection warrior.

The change will also affect the hunters class and the change will be very distinct and definitive when “Legion” arrives, unlike now when changing between Beast Mastery, Marksman, and Survival offers a very little difference.

Once “Legion” is released, each gamer can go through and decide which class feels right for them and then be able to customize them within the spec.

Despite being a huge game, “World of Warcraft” does not have too many of the so-called Easter eggs. It is normal for gamers to data-mine everything before a patch or an expansion to the game goes live. And normally, these researchers share their finds online.

world of warcraft

It turns out that an Easter egg was hidden on Terky, the Murloc. But this pet was only made available in the Asian edition of the game and not in the US or in Europe. However, the secret lasted only for a month and a half because when Blizzard released Patch 6.2.2, the pet that was hiding in the submerged cave in Borean Tundra was gone.

But it was not an Asian gamer who found the Easter egg but a French player who was leveling his alt image in Borean Tundra and did not even realize that he found something new and cool.

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