‘Castle’ Season 8 Episode 7 Gives in to Fans’ Demand for a Reunion of Rick and Kate!

Six episodes into Season 8 of the American crime drama TV series “Castle” on ABC and fans’ patience are wearing thin on why protagonists Rick Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, and wife Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic, remain separated.

Reports have it that the upcoming seventh episode of “Castle” titled “The Last Seduction” to air on November 16 will see the reunion of Rick and Kate from a short-lived separation. Immediately after tying the knot to start the eighth season, the two separated right on the second episode that had fans of the show fuming mad on the showrunners.

Show creators Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley are promising that viewers will see the couple together once again in the next episode of “Castle,” notes the Christian Today.

The three-week break of the show on air may have given the showrunners enough time to make the adjustments on the Season 8 plotline and hastened the reunion of Caskett because apparently the separation has turned off a lot of fans that the TV series experienced a dramatic decline in viewership.

In order to arrest the plummeting ratings and eventually the possible cancellation of “Castle,” the showrunners had to do something drastic by giving in to the fans’ demand.

Terence Paul Winter, in a recent interview, said that episode 7 of “Castle” will finally see the heart-winning reunion of Rick and Kate. He also added that it will also be in the upcoming episode where fans would finally learn why they had to split up the power couple as if to justify their decision for going into such direction early on.

Winter assured fans that it is going to be a great episode and they would also understand and see what the two showrunners have been aiming for all along.

Separation is getting really old

Rick said that his separation with his wife is getting old as if echoing the sentiments of the millions of fans of “Castle.”

Episode 6, which aired on November 9, had the title “Cool Boys” where Rick was left alone to find a new partner for the crime of the week. He found a partner in returning Detective David Slaughter, played by guest star Adam Baldwin.

Beckett was not around during the episode for an undisclosed reason. It was alluded, however, that she is working on her secret project case.

Detective Slaughter last appeared in Season 4 of “Castle” as a rough and reckless cop who Rick had the chance to work and ride with during the episode titled “Headhunters.” Slaughter also works with a network of shady contacts to take down gangs, details the International Business Times.

Slaughter takes in Castle as a partner to help him in tracking down the criminals responsible for a seemingly impossible heist at a big office building. While he was hesitant at first to team up again with the rough cop, but the lure of having a great writing material really appealed to him. He, however, set a condition that Slaughter should not hurt anyone during their investigation, to which the latter agreed.

A wild turn

But the seemingly simple robbery case takes a wild turn for the worse when one of Slaughter’s informers turns up dead, prompting Javier Esposito, played by Jon Huertas, to arrest Slaughter as a possible suspect in the murder.

Fortunately, Rick was able to track down the real criminals and goes with Slaughter to confront them. There was a comical moment during the confrontation as the resulting standoff had Castle and Slaughter dancing to a “West Side Story” musical number to distract their enemies while extricating themselves out of the mess.

In the end, Esposito and Kevin Ryan, played by Seamus Dever, show up to put the cuffs on the real culprits.

Castle Season 7

Towards the end of the episode, Slaughter uncharacteristically gives Castle some advice on how to handle his separation with Beckett by telling him to fight his way back into his wife’s life. Slaughter said that he lost his wife because he was not man enough to put her needs ahead of his.

The plot to split Rick and Kate in Season 8 of “Castle” is actually part of the incredible dynamics that showrunners Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley promised when they took over from Andrew Malone and his wife Terri Edda Miller, at the start of Season 8.


  1. Well, the new show runners did what I thought impossible. They killed the best series on TV. Frankly, with them in charge, I don’t really care what the next episode attempts to do. They ruined it and I’m done.

    1. As a fan who waited 7 seasons for Rick and Kate to get together waiting another episode is not going to be a hardship. After all, love is what made Kate do what she did, not another interest. It may not have worked as well as the writers thought, but I remain a fan.

  2. Tim, I certainly agree they have definitely ruined it for me and a lot of my friends. They also don’t care what the writers keep telling us about the next episode not fun any more. It has become Nathan’s comedy hour, no Caskett, no Lanie and even when the boys work together it has become stupid frat house humor. What a pity a pair of writers can destroy something so quickly.

  3. No matter how much the new show runners use words like ‘dynamic’ and ‘exciting’ and ‘You’ll see why we did what we did’, all I really want to do is throw-up.
    Setting aside how terrible and ill-advised the separation idea is to begin with, the absolutely clumsy and completely unbelievable way in which it was forced is the true disaster. The writing has been terrible, the episodes are disjointed, unpleasant, the characters all act in ways which have no explainable or coherent connection to their evolution over the last 7 seasons, never mind the additional and pointless havoc they’ve created between Ryan and Espo.
    So now, at this point, just the mere fact of having them on screen together and ‘happy’ again will not solve the problem that the show runners have created. Based on the incompetene they have shown during the ‘away’ time, I find it hysterical that they think the fans have any faith that the Winters/Hawley have any clue, and more importantly the ability to somehow undo the damage to the characters that they’ve done and how we the audience perceive them. We can’t just go back, or even move forward. I hate these characters now, and just allowing them to be together doesn’t change the fact that Kate is a selfish, lying cruel witch, or that Rick is now a bumbling, moronic whipped puppy dog who has apparently experienced severe brain-trauma which affects his previous ability to be charming, witty, and most importantly, ask basic questions like “Why did my wife leave me after that LokSat business?”
    All the Kings horses and all the Kings men will never be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

  4. I really don’t believe any of this. If they are reunited, then it is probably for some undercover reason or something stupid. I can’t believe that these showrunners actually thought it would be “fun” to split up the best dynamic duo ever. What are they on anyway?! They should have just ended this at Season 7 with Hollander’s Woods where we knew they were together – partners in life and in crime – Always! Thanks a lot Hawley and Old Man Winters for destroying this!! It is now the Nathan and Molly and Toks Show. Let’s throw Baldwin back in there again, too, since apparently Nathan just wants to pretend he is still a cowboy captain in space. Grow up!

  5. I think the writers ruined the show and wasted precious episodes! If we all wanted to watch regular crime shows there are plenty to watch. We watch Castle for the unique twist, a writer helping cops and now how a couple finish each other’s thoughts and sentences to solve crimes. Fix this sorry writing and bring Castle into the secret case of Beckett. The storyline could have so many great tangents, if they even tried. Things with Alexis, her career and school, career of Martha and her new home maybe even in the same building as Castle, cases with Hailey, Ryan’s new baby, Castle with a new super great book and new ways to promote it and not to mention, Kate’s new position plus the secret case that maybe they all work on. All being Martha, Castle’s Dad, his stepmom, Alexis, Ryan, Espo, Laney and Hailey. That could be really cool. This show has NO reason to have bad ratings!!! I would continue to watch, but writers, get it together.

  6. Somehow, the showrunners have given the fans such a negative view of their actions and words that it just may be too late. Lying to the fans, taking the reason that most people watched the show and wrecking that dynamic, and then accepting what almost all fans call a terrible, poorly thought out story arc with less than stellar writing is what caused the 30% loss of audience and dropping Castle into the bottom place in their time slot. I just hope that enough fans will be around to see 807 and see if the showrunner hasnt lied to the fans again.

  7. What a wonderful show you HAD! We waited and waited for them to get together and what do you guys do but break them up, nice. So I have stop watching this bad story line. You don’t even listen to your loyal viewers. Can’t wait to see were Castle shakes out this week. Viewership, should it be cancelled. What a waist, thought I really found a quality show that gave me a nice feeling every week.
    I used to watch any episode that was on, didn’t really care if it was a rerun or live.

    For those who are still watching, good luck. How many times the current show runners have lied about the direction of the show. If it ever goes back to what we loved about the show maybe I’ll start watching it again.

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