Without the Romances, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 May be its Last

With Elena Gilbert all gone, the love triangle and the romances in the American supernatural drama TV series “The Vampire Diaries” on The CW network are about to be gone too.

So when Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries” starts airing late this year, the entire premise of the series will dramatically change. Without Nina Dobrev’s character, the show will finally find its true identity which is about friendships and the craziness of being a vampire in Mystic Falls, notes Hypable.

The title of the show was meant to be that way in the first place but with the love triangle and the romances being highlighted all the more in the series’ past two seasons, it has wandered off course.

A test case or an end?

While the show creators and the production team may still be thinking of how the series can thrive for its Season 7, the upcoming season will also be a test case if “The Vampire Diaries” can continue to hold its own without Nina Dobrev in it or whether it can go back to its initial premise and make good of it.

In any case, the creators of the “The Vampire Diaries” should consider ending the series on Season 7 in order to wrap it on a high note because further pressing it would make them appear as trying too hard to continue something that is no longer worth continuing.

The Season 6 finale already gave fans a preview of what’s in store for Mystic Falls come Season 7. There will be a time jump and the town will be torn apart by the heretics that also came during Season 6.

It would surely not take two full seasons for Damon and his vampire friends to solve the problems brought about by the heretics and Kai because 23 episodes would be more than sufficient to bring viewers the right amount of drama and tie whatever loose ends the show has made over the course of seven seasons.

Season 6 finale

The season finale of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 aired on May 14 and it turned out to be what it was earlier hyped – a post-mortal tribute to Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert character.

As early as April, Nina Dobrev has formally quit the “The Vampire Diaries” after six years so the creators had to find a way in order to retire her Elena Gilbert character. They finally found a good storyline to do so and it will happen on the season finale of Season 6 of the TV series.

vampire diaries

During episode 18 of the series, Elena Gilbert and Damon finally agreed to start a family of their own. That set the character up to leave the show for good by making it appear that Elena will concentrate on making her own family and live a normal human life again.


  1. With Supernatural making U.S. TV history by becoming the nation’s longest running fantasy TV show as it reaches its 11th season, I am not surprised about seeing The Vampire Diaries showrunner trying to compete a little bit, and give Jeremy Carver and the SPNFamily a bit of competition by trying to go beyond season 7. I got bad news for the TVD fans, TVD will never be as good as Supernatural, and it definitely won’t go as far as they have gone. If you don’t believe me, put The Vampire Diaries in the Friday night timeslot, and you will all see it die. Long Live Supernatural!

    1. TVD was always better than Supernatural. It was better in it’s pilot and it will be better than supernatural without it’s lead star. Supernatural was a once hopeful show that was good but couldn’t quite get to great or epic. TVD is a show which has given original stories and twists that keep me on the edge of my seat. Even infomercials are better than supernatural these days. Kripke’s run was quality atleast. That is something that No supernatural fan has seen since season five. But even four and five were sellout seasons if you considered what 1-3 was like. TVD might not run as long as Supernatural. I say good. TVD will end on top with quality writing instead of decomposing into unwatchable drivel. Supernatural is lucky to have beat all these records or win a bunch of popularity contests because in the end that’s all they have to show for themselves as there have been more bad seasons than good. Even the good seasons weren’t exactly a master at work. I don’t overdo talking about how long a show runs because I am more into quality writing..As Far As TVD is concerned I think that next year will be alright as long as the quality of Writing stays the same. So Be a supernatural fangirl or Tween But I don’t need to name all the contests and records a show I like has won in order to validate a show I like because the show that I like speaks for itself–It has quality writing–Quality Acting, and a team of people who care about the product their putting out.

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