Winds of Winter Speculation Points to a Spring Release after George R.R. Martin Appears on Z Nation, More Details

Because of this, those who are worried about spoiling their fun by watching the show before reading the book probably shouldn’t feel so bad about it as it doesn’t sound like the series is going to spoil anything too major.

It’s also interesting to think if that major plot twist could have anything to do with the fate of Jon Snow, something which is pretty much the hottest topic in the community right now. People are wondering what happened to the character and if they’re going to see him returning.

Most are convinced that he’s actually alive and well and that he’ll be brought back at some point, but not everyone is so sure, and there is actually a lot of skepticism in the community.

At least it’s been confirmed so far that whatever happens to Jon Snow in the book, the same will follow on the screen. So while fans shouldn’t be too worried about any major deviations in the plot, this is also a subtle warning about those afraid of spoilers. This is definitely a situation that could spoil the fun for those who’re primarily interested in finding out what happened to the character, so fans should approach the new season of the show in a careful way and probably stay away from online discussions for a while.

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