Adam Lambert Caught in the Middle of a Cultural Divide in Singapore, More Details

Adam Lambert is now in the middle of a cultural divide that is currently sweeping Singapore over his upcoming New Year’s Eve show in the Southeast Asian country.

State-owned broadcaster MediaCorp has organized the New Year’s Eve show to be headlined by Adam Lambert which shall also be televised live nationwide.

Apparently, his upcoming performance has caused the emergence of opposing petitions – one raising a howl against Adam Lambert, and the other one pushing hard for it.

The petition against the pop singer was started on November 25 which called on MediaCorp and the Singaporean government to drop Lambert because of his open support for gay rights and lewd performances, which they say, are contrary to mainstream Singaporean values, details BBC.

The same petition also cited the stage performances of the “Ghost Town” singer as disgusting, disturbing, and lewd. One petitioner also called that the government should give more wholesome role models for the Singaporean youths.

In favor of Lambert

Meanwhile, a counter petition was also started on November 26 and quickly generated more support for Adam Lambert.

The petitioners aver that the organizers should keep Lambert as a demonstration that Singapore shuns discrimination and promotes diverse points of view.

The counter petition said that in no way whatsoever that the sexual orientation of Adam Lambert has any relation to his role as an entertainer and singer.

They added that asking for his banning on TV is ludicrous and is almost tantamount to asking smartphone retailers to stop selling iPhones because Apple has a gay CEO.

Reports have it that as of November 27, the two petitions are neck-to-neck with thousands of signatures each and also drawing in supporters from Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan.

The latest cultural divide comes rather ironic since Adam Lambert has previously performed in Singapore back in 2013 which did not generate complaints.

The cultural divide in the country

Apparently, there is now a widening cultural divide in Singapore which has become a modern and open city-state with a thriving gay scene and the liberal minority which goes against the views of its conservative majority.

Apparently, a religious right that is supported by some Christians and Muslims has grown in tandem with a burgeoning gay rights movement.

In fact, the dominance of the conservative population of Singapore has become evident in the two petitions concerning Adam Lambert. The petition calling for his banning on the New Year’s Eve show has already generated 14,000 signatures while the counter petition has gathered more than 11,000 votes as of November 27, cites Reuters.

As for MediaCorp, it said that it is sticking with its decision to have Lambert headline the New Year’s Eve show. It also said that the televised concert would be suitable for family audiences and conform with broadcast regulations.

The 2008 “American Idol” runner-up caused a controversy during his 2009 American Music Awards performance when he kissed his male keyboard player and simulated sexual acts with dancers.

That has become a basis for the petition against him because they say that sex between men is illegal in Singapore.

Meanwhile, Queen guitarist Brian May said recently that if their band’s former lead vocalist Freddie Mercury is still alive at this time, he would have appreciated and respected Adam Lambert for his singing prowess and great vocal range.

Brian May is a colleague of Freddie Mercury for the iconic rock band until the latter died in 1994 at the age of 45.

While the rock group remains in existence despite the demise of Mercury, it was only last year when Adam Lambert agreed to front for them that Queen has become complete again.

adam lambert

He was so happy with how things turned up for their group that Brian May described Adam Lambert as a gift from God for Queen for bringing his own unique singing style while rendering the classic songs of the band.

In a recent interview, Brian May was quoted as saying that Adam Lambert is a phenomenon and people can immediately notice by watching him perform. He also said that Queen did not look for anybody to replace Freddie Mercury, it so happened that Adam Lambert just came out of the blue.

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