Adam Lambert Caught in the Middle of a Cultural Divide in Singapore, More Details

Brian was actually surprised when they see Adam Lambert performs and he believes that the “Ghost Town” singer is really incredible. He also says that Adam is not a copy of Freddie because he is unique in his own style.

He added that Adam has a unique combination of confidence and humility, and he has the magic touch which resonates with an audience. He thinks that if Freddie was still alive, he would agree with his assessment and description of Adam Lambert.

The Queen and Adam Lambert are set to play their first ever festival next year as they headline the event at the Isle of Wight on June 12.

Brian May expressed his excitement of the prospect of Queen, which actually includes him and drummer Roger Taylor, making their festival debut next year.

His only concern at this point is that they may not have enough time to play all their hits during the event. He notes that the event is a very exciting prospect for the Queen + Adam Lambert because they have never done a festival before.

While they have been asked to play in a lot of festivals before, they have not agreed once so they have not done it in the past because they wanted to have control on what they do. The upcoming Isle of Wight event will finally give them a taste of how things happen during a festival.

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