Will Destiny 2 Focus On Earth? The Rise of Iron Expansion Pack Improves the in-game Weapon Balance

Bungie is still basking in the success of Destiny, two years after the release of the online shooter game. The trick to keeping the players hooked onto a title is to provide them with regular updates and expansion packs.

Bungie has been doing exactly that with Destiny. They had released The Taken King, which went on to become a popular expansion pack, back in September 2015, and they have done it again with The Rise of Iron.

Reports suggest that Bungie is planning to commence working on Destiny 2, and the sequel I slated to release soon. Neither Bungie nor Activision has publicly clarified their take on Destiny 2, but that didn’t stop the rumors mills from spreading stories on the internet.

There were plans of releasing Destiny 2 in 2016. However, Bungie and Activision decided to rework their 10-year plan for the franchise. The original plan stated that the developers would annually release new content for Destiny, alternating between new games and expansions every year.

From the beginning of 2016, the fans were skeptical about Bungie releasing Destiny 2 this year. Digital Trends reported that Kotaku published an article on Bungie’s plan to release a new expansion pack in 2016, instead of a new installment of the game.

Recently, an alteration was made to the team of developers working on Destiny. Luke Smith, the director of The Taken King, took charge of the team following the alteration, and it is likely that he is going to be spearheading the projects that are lined up for the future.

Until the developers come up with news on the release date of Destiny 2, fans can keep themselves busy with The Rise of Iron. Reports suggest that Destiny 2 will focus on a mission to Mars.

It had previously been reported that Bungie had removed an entire chunk of content focused on the red planet from The Taken King. It looks like Bungie removed the section featuring Mars to incorporate it into Destiny 2.

According to Christian Today, David Dague from Bungie reported that the Guardians created in Destiny are going to be a part of the subsequent adventures. All successful games have developed a close relationship between the players and the characters.

Destiny was a success with the fans because of its gameplay. The fans hope that Destiny 2 will be similar. In Destiny, there are three classes, each divided into two sub-classes. The game also incorporated four planetary zones. Forbes reported that the upcoming installment is going to feature numerous missions and multiplayer maps.

Aziz Dosmetov, an artist, published images of some of the concept art that he had presented to the makers. The images show the landscape up in flames, with the Guardian holding a sword and a shield while being embroiled in flames. However, Dosmetov later reported that his artwork had been rejected by Bungie.

Destiny 2

The rejected concept confirms the rumors about Destiny 2 being called The Shattered Suns. This information hasn’t been denied or confirmed by the developers. This speculation is also based on information that a Bungie employee had leaked back in 2015.

Given the name of the upcoming title, the fans of the franchise have started discussing the plot for Destiny 2. They believe that Destiny 2 will focus on the story of Osiris, the warlock, who was exiled from the City.

He has disappeared ever since and has formed a cult on Mercury. Osiris was to be a primary character in Destiny but was relegated to the background. He was brought in only during references to the Grimoire cards.

Eric Hirshberg, the CEO of Activision Publishing, informed the fans that work on Destiny 2 is on schedule, and the team is working hard to meet the 2017 deadline. While Hirshberg hinted at a 2017 release for Destiny 2, he did not reveal any further details about the game and what the players can expect from it.

The Rise of Iron expansion pack also includes a patch to improve the in-game weapon balance. This news was first confirmed on Reddit by the developers and is now available in the market.

The patch is going to introduce quite a few features to the game, including changes to the armor, gear, and the environment in general.

The Rise of Iron expansion pack released on the 8th of September and is now available in the market for the PC, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

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