What’s the Deal with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber? Rumors Claim Couple Is Back Together!

And in the end, this probably played a huge part in Gomez’s decision to break up with Bieber, as she couldn’t stand his childish personality anymore, despite the strong flame between the two. Neither of them was ever too open about the exact reasons for ending their relationship, but we can guess that this was a major contributor.

According to most, Bieber should probably just focus on looking for a new girlfriend right now, and forget the relationship he had with Selena Gomez. That door is most likely closed for him at this point.

Given the huge amount of media attention on the two of them though, we should find out pretty fast if something does develop between them, and if their relationship gets rekindled, it will be all over the news in no time. So, interested fans should just keep an eye on the media if they want to know as soon as this happens – if it ever does.


  1. They were made for each other. Low keep is the secret for their relationship to work for now. Then later public. I hope they can work things out!

  2. I love this tabloid, now this is the tabloid that I can believe is TRUE! I trust this tabloid will only post information that has more info behind it and is true.
    Anyways, I agree with Kris, they were meant for eachother and keeping it low key and then publicity is the best option. Selena and Justin, if your reading this right now, we all beg of you, please just give it another chance. I know Justin has made some serious mistakes especially with cheating but just look deep in your hearts. Selena I know you have doubts and you don’t want your hear broken again but Justin might just be “The One”. Trust me.
    I am Truth, forever and always.

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