Vikings Season 4 Will See the Mysterious Yidu Drawing the Interest of King Ragnar

King Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel, is not the type of person whose personal interest or fascination can be drawn easily by other people, but it looks like things will change for the Nordic king in the upcoming Season 4 of the historical drama TV series “Vikings” on the History channel.

Dianne Doan, who will be playing the role of the mysterious newcomer Yidu in Season 4 of “Vikings,” revealed that it is her enigmatic character’s uniqueness and mystery that will eventually draw the attention of King Ragnar on her, details the International Business Times.

The actress with Chinese descent reveals that Yidu was originally kidnapped on the Red Sea and was brought to the Paris as a slave. She remained in the French city until Ragnar and his sword-wielding fighters successfully conquered Paris during the show’s third season.

Yidu was consequently captured by the pagans and brought back to Kattegat, where she remained as a slave.

Doan explained that the people of Kattegat have never seen someone like Yidu from her looks to her views on the world and other beliefs in life. And it is because of the very same mystery in Yidu that will frighten villagers about her and ultimately draw Ragnar’s interest in her.

The inquisitive and very sick king will immediately become captivated by the exotic outsider, and he will work on uncovering more about Yidu’s past, hints Doan.

While the actress would not want to reveal too much about the history of her character on “Vikings,” she did mention that showrunner Michael Hirst has written some incredible scenes, touching on darker topics and circumstances that she has yet to play, so the whole filming process has challenged and pushed her acting craft.

What fans should expect with Rollo

Meanwhile, Clive Standen, who plays the character King Rognvaldsson Rollo, revealed in a recent interview, that his character in “Vikings” will be wedding the Princess of Paris and take on the land that was offered to him in order to keep the peace between the two armies, notes Venture Capital Post.

Standen said that fans should expect more incredible stuff in Season 4 of “Vikings” when the show returns to the History channel next year. He added that viewers will see a completely different Rollo.

As for Ragnar, he really had everyone fooled that he was already dead and even had his son Bjorn in on the act that had everyone dumbfounded and surprised especially when the king was resurrected during his supposed burial in the Paris church.

It turns out that it was only a strategy to attack from inside the city walls. Ragnar was even fortunate to have heard the confessions of his closest friends while he was dead including the admission of Floki that he was the one who killed Athelstan.

Not afraid of dying

While it is unlikely for his character King Ragnar Lothbrok to die in the historical drama TV series “Vikings” anytime soon, actor Travis Fimmel says that Ragnar is not afraid of dying.

Although Ragnar was on death throes during the series finale of Season 3, it is likely that he will recover from the ordeal and come out stronger than ever before.

During the “Vikings” panel at the ComicCon 2015, Fimmel was with showrunner Michael Hirst to answer fan queries about the upcoming Season 4 of the popular TV series on the History channel.


Fimmel said that Ragnar got very close to dying at the series finale of Season 3. He said that Ragnar is very intrigued by death. He is also not afraid of dying. Fimmel added that Ragnar has an uncanny fascination with death just like Odin.

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