The Expendables 4 Should Happen, Say Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger

With no further news about a follow-up movie to the action film “The Expendables 3,” it appears as if Sylvester Stallone himself has no plans of seeing the fruition of “The Expendables 4” soon. However, Stallone’s co-actor in the past three successful “The Expendables” films, Jason Statham, had already expressed his desire to return for the fourth installment of the franchise and reprise his character Lee Christmas.

Speaking to IGN, the 48-year-old actor talks about how it was such a huge privilege to be working with Stallone. “The Transporter” actor describes how he remembers growing up watching Stallone’s films. His character, Christmas, is Stallone’s Barney Ross’ loyal partner, and despite the third film not being that well-received in the tills as the previous two, Statham has long stated that he’ll come back for more “The Expendables” movies as long as Sly wants him to.

Reports claim that Stallone, who serves as director and creator of the action ensemble franchise, is no longer interested in pursuing “The Expendables 4” because the third film did not do well at the box office. Movie insiders suggest that “The Expendables 3” was lackluster at the tills because it had to contend heavily with piracy. As a result, the expected good box office results of the film was cannibalized by pirates and the movie was practically pushed to the side by a number of moviegoers in favor of the film’s pirated home video copies.

“The Expendables 3” was also the first in the franchise to be given a PG-13 rating compared to the previous two that were rated R. The strategy was meant to enable the film to reach a younger and broader audience, but it backfired since the film had to be trimmed down a lot to meet the PG-13 grading and thus sacrificing the action content the first two films enjoyed.

Fans of “The Expendables” movies will also be happy to know that the man behind the leakage of the third film has already been apprehended. Deadline got the exclusive scoop on UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit along with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’ Homeland Security Investigations and the MPAA having arrested a 26-year-old male residing in Halifax, who is responsible for the hacking and piracy of the third movie.

In line with this, Stallone issued an official statement sharing his gratitude to the authorities who helped solved the case. In his statement, the 68-year-old actor expressed the importance of protecting the rights of creatives around the world from theft or pirates.

With the news, it seems that all should be well for the next film. But it seems that it won’t come out sooner as Stallone is set to reprise his iconic role Rocky Balboa in the upcoming film “Creed.” Meanwhile, Statham is also reprising his antagonist character Deckard Shaw in a sequel to another hit franchise, “Fast and the Furious 8.”

According to Franchise Herald, Statham is not the only one who wants to see another “The Expendables” movie hit the theaters. Stallone’s good friend and co-actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been trying his best to convince Sly and Lionsgate to push through with the franchise’s fourth entry.

Speaking with USA Today, the 68-year-old actor admits that there is room for another movie and that he told Sly to write another one or at least have someone write another movie to be added to the franchise.

The Expendables 4

Casting rumors have been circling the internet ever since with names of prominent action stars such as Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, and wrestler Hulk Hogan surfacing. Chan has confirmed that he has been tapped by Stallone to appear as a guest star in “The Expendables 2” but that did not materialize.

WWE legend Hulk Hogan also claimed through his Twitter account that he will be the bad guy when the next film arrives. Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao was also rumored to make a cameo for the film, but Stallone himself was quick to deny it. Pacquiao’s rumored appearance was brought about by UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey co-starring in the last film.

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