‘Vikings’ Season 4 Latest Trailer Shows King Ragnar Foretelling of Bloodshed on his Return to Kattegat!

History Channel is optimistic and confident that despite the major changes in “Vikings” with the impending departure of Fimmel, the groundbreaking series will remain strong.

Although the series might have revolved mostly around King Ragnar during its past three seasons, there are also other interesting characters in the TV series that would be able to capture audience’s interest on the show.

Apart from Bjorn, there is also Aslaug, played by Alyssa Sutherland, and Lagertha. Aslaug and Lagertha are two strong women who might be the one prophesized to rule Kattegat. There is also Rollo who would also love to rule over the Vikings.

In a recent interview, show creator Michael Hirst said that he has always seen “Vikings” without Ragnar, confirming previous reports that the widely popular TV series will have to part ways with its main character in the upcoming Season 4.

Hirst added that he thought that it was very important when he realized that Ragnar had many sons and that some of his sons become more famous than he was. With that being said, he cited that he can perfectly envision a world without Ragnar and instead focus on the adventures of his sons.

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