Adam Lambert Becomes the Highest Earning ‘American Idol’ Alum in 2015!

As the highest-earning “American Idol” alum last year, it is safe to say that Adam Lambert is also the most successful in the lot, despite not winning the Season 8 competition aired from January to May 2009.

Forbes has just come out with the list of the earnings of “American Idol” alum and Adam Lambert has topped the list with his staggering $10 million paycheck in 2015, reports TV Guide.

Carrie Underwood, the “American Idol” Season 4 winner, held the No. 1 spot for the last two years and has slipped to No. 2 with her respectable $8 million earnings.

The third spot went to Season 5 winner Chris Daughtry after recording $6 million in earnings from his 91 concert shows during the year.

The fourth spot belonged to Season 11 winner Philip Phillips who made $5 million primarily because of his last record “Behind the Light” that was released in 2014.

The No. 5 spot saw a tie between Kelly Clarkson of the original “American Idol” and Season 10 winner Scott McCreery, with their $4 million earnings apiece.

The reality competition TV show “American Idol” will air its 15th and final season beginning next week all the way to the spring.

The biggest success story

Adam Lambert is arguably one of the biggest, if not the biggest success story of “American Idol” since he competed in the show in 2009.

He topped this year’s “American Idol” top earners because of the release of his third solo album in June last year and also because of his famous moonlighting as the lead singer of the iconic rock band Queen, notes Yahoo! Music.

Early last year, Lambert spoke about getting out of his rut after his split with his former record label RCA. He said in an interview then that he realized that after his second album “Trespassing,” he was a little bit disappointed with its commercial life.

He said he had apprehensions on whether to release a new album or not because his second album was not a commercial success. Then he realized that he had to let go of the apprehensions and fear for him to get out of his rut.

So when he had a conversation with a close friend, it dawned upon him that he is not going to starve because he is always going to have work and that he shall be able to put food on the table because of his immense talent.

His friend also advised him to just relax and go for it. And that’s what he did so his third album, “The Original High,” came out and it was a commercial success this time around.

One of the most influential gay men in music

Adam Lambert is proud that he was chosen as part of the top 4 most influential gay men in music as posted on Twitter by Music’s Rebellion.

Subsequently, Lambert retweeted the post that had his name joining the likes of Troye Sivan, Olly Alexander, and Sam Smith.

The list, however, did not rank who among the four is the most influential music personality but Adam would surely be in the running for the top honor if there will be a ranking.

adam lambert

Adam Lambert shot to fame when he finished runner-up during the eighth season of “American Idol.” He signed up with 19 Entertainment in a joint venture with RCA Records and in 2009, released his debut studio album titled “For Your Entertainment.”

What makes Lambert clicked among fans is his flamboyant, theatrical, and androgynous performance style that complements his powerful, technically-skilled tenor voice with a wide range.

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