Top Gun 2 and Other Projects Are Keeping the Schedule of Tom Cruise Very Busy!

But that’s just speculation based on rumors so far, and from what we’re hearing Tom Cruise himself seems to be juggling various ideas around regarding what he wants to do with the new film.

One of his conditions for it is that he’s going to be piloting a real fighter jet and won’t resort to any CGI like most other films nowadays would. While this would raise some obvious questions about the safety of it all, the actor definitely has a well-maintained body that can pull off some amazing stunts, so this shouldn’t be too far out of his reach.

And it would be quite fun for Cruise’s fans to see him piloting a true war machine instead of acting in front of a green screen.

That’s part of the appeal in watching Tom Cruise for many people – he has a knack for portraying his action heroes in a very real, down to earth way, while at the same time completing some truly ridiculous stunts that make people question what’s truly going on inside that body of his. With so much potential left in his acting, we can’t wait to see what he might be planning to do with “Top Gun 2” and where the franchise might be headed after that film, if he plans to continue it even further than that.

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